14 (Telugu)

14 (Telugu) is a compelling drama that delves deep into political intrigue and human emotions. It is directed by Dangeti Lakshmi, produced by Subbarao Rayana and Siva Krishna Nichenametla, and tells a gripping story that combines mystery, politics, and personal struggle.

It takes place in a politically charged atmosphere on the eve of an important election where two young people die suddenly under mysterious circumstances leading to media speculation and public unrest.

This article will explore various aspects of “14 (Telugu)” ranging from its plot and themes to its characters as well as production matters.

Movie14 (Telugu)
Release Date5 July 2024
Star CastNoel Sean, Ram Rathan Reddy, Vishakha Dhiman, Posani Krishna Murali, Shrikanth Iyyangar, Mahesh Achanta, Roopa Lakshmi
GenresAction, Thriller
DirectorDangeti Lakshmi Srinivas
ProducerSubbarao Rayana and Siva Krishna Nichenametla
CinematographerSainadh T
MusicKalyan Nayak
EditorJanakiramarao Pamaraju
14 telugu movie
14 telugu movie review


Dangeti Lakshmi, known for her ability to craft complex stories which resonate with audiences, directed “14 (Telugu).” Coming from a background of emotionally charged dramas creation, Lakshmi brings his unique vision and storytelling abilities to bear in this movie.

With her direction “14(Telugu)” becomes not just another political drama but also a very human story.


Subbarao Rayana along with Siva Krishna Nichenametla are the producers of ‘’14 (Telugu)’’. They are both well respected individuals within the industry who have made it their mission to produce quality films.

Their work together aims at bringing superior production value as well as narrative depth into the movie. Indeed both producers have been known to be champions in storytelling innovation.

Plot Overview

Inevitably there is always pressure surrounding elections when there is an impending one as seen in “14 (Telugu)”. Politics here is not without competition or ambition; it is about power too. The setting creates an ideal stage for unfolding drama.

Characters And Performances

The character called “Chief Minister’s son” who dies at the start leading to unfolding of events is pivotal in this story. Essential aspects of his background, interpersonal relationships, and probable motivations behind his sudden death are very significant in resolving the riddle.

The actor who plays this role does an excellent job taking him beyond stereotype, thus becoming one of the central figures in narrative.

Political Figures and Media Personalities

In addition there are various politician characters and anchorpersons playing crucial roles during series of events unfoldment throughout this picture. They represent different areas connected with politics or carrying them, thus making story more complicated and richer at the same time. Their interactions and reasoning provide a broader view of this movie.

Production Details

The choice of filming locations is crucial in bringing out the real atmosphere of “14 (Telugu).” The film takes place in different settings such as urban or rural areas that show us how diverse politics could be like. There were key scenes in real locations which added to its realistic sight.

Cinematography and Visual style

Cinematography in “14 (Telugu)” was designed to achieve an emotional tone that can match up with the dramatic part of this film. This visual style involves a combination of dynamic shots alongside intimate close-ups depicting both greatness of political events as well as personal moments for characters.

Lighting and color schemes add to the overall impact as they contribute to mood formation throughout this movie.

Music and Soundtrack

Indeed, music and soundtrack herein play important role in intensifying the emotional contentment depicted within “14 (Telugu)”. The score embodies anxiety, intrigue, suspense etc.,

while soundtracks carry haunting melodies as well incredibly intense compositions which heighten emotions one receives through watching it.


According to early reviews and buzz about “14 (Telugu),” it seems that both critics and audiences are finding affinities with it. Critics have applauded this film for being engaging due to its strong performances, thematic depth among others;

especially, political intrigues and human emotions 2014 has been singled out.

Fans of political dramas and mystery thrillers are excited for the release of “14 (Telugu).” The movie’s unique premise and a guarantee of an engaging story has made many look forward to it. The combination of a skillful director, experienced producers and a strong cast has risen the bar.

Box Office Predictions

“14 (Telugu)” is expected to do well in the box office due to its extensive buzz and early positive reviews. Upon its release, this film will appeal to fans of political dramas, mystery thrillers, character-driven stories, among others.

Industry analysts have predicted that this movie “14 (Telugu)” will be critically acclaimed and commercially successful.



What is the release date of the 14 (Telugu)?

14 (Telugu) movie is set to release in theatres on 5 July 2024.

Who directed the movie 14 (Telugu)?

The movie has been directed by Dangeti Lakshmi Srinivas.

Who is in the cast of 14 (Telugu)?

Noel Sean, Ram Rathan Reddy, Vishakha Dhiman, Posani Krishna Murali, Shrikanth Iyyangar, Mahesh Achanta, Roopa Lakshmi

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