Adipurush is an eagerly anticipated Indian mythological film inspired by the renowned Ramayana epic. Helmed by the talented director Om Raut, this cinematic masterpiece showcases a stellar cast that includes the charismatic Prabhas, the versatile Saif Ali Khan, the talented Kriti Sanon, and the promising Sunny Singh, who bring the lead characters to life with their remarkable performances.

Alongside these esteemed actors, the film features a talented ensemble, including the accomplished Vatsal Seth, the skilled Devdutta, the talented Trupti Toradmal, and the promising Prashant Kumarr, all contributing their unique talents to enhance the movie’s storytelling.

Adipurush has garnered attention not only for its captivating narrative but also for its grand production scale. It is said to have a staggering budget of Rs. 500 crores, making it one of the most expensive Indian films ever created.

This significant investment showcases the commitment to bringing this mythical tale to life on the silver screen with awe-inspiring visual effects, magnificent sets, and awe-inspiring costumes.

The film promises to transport the audience into the enchanting world of the Ramayana, immersing them in its rich lore and captivating characters.

Fans and cinephiles eagerly await the release of Adipurush, which is scheduled to hit the theatres on June 16, 2023. The film has been meticulously crafted, producing in Hindi and Telugu to cater to a broader audience.

The efforts behind Adipurush go beyond linguistic boundaries, as the film aims to transcend cultural barriers by being distributed in fifteen languages upon its completion.

This ambitious endeavour speaks to the universal appeal and timeless nature of the Ramayana story, as people from diverse backgrounds and cultures will have the opportunity to experience and appreciate its splendour.

Adipurush’s distinction as one of the most expensive Indian movies ever created reflects the scale of its production and the immense dedication and passion of the entire cast and crew involved in bringing this monumental project to fruition.

The film stands as a testament to the commitment of the Indian film industry to push boundaries, both in terms of storytelling and technical excellence.

As the release date draws near, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Adipurush continue to grow, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience that will transport audiences to a world of mythology, heroism, and timeless adventure.

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Action, Adventure, Mythological

Cast: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh

Director: Om Raut

Adipurush Movie Overview

LanguageHindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil
Screen2D, IMAX 2D, 3D
Release Date16 June, 2023
StarsPrabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh
GenresAction, Adventure, Mythological
DirectorOm Raut
ProducerBhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar, Rajesh Nair
CinematographerKarthik Palani
EditorApurva Motiwale Sahai, Ashish Mhatre
Production companiesT-Series Films, Retrophiles
Distributed byAA Films (Hindi), UV Creations (Telugu)
adipurush movie review watch story


Adipurush, as its producers describe, is a film that takes inspiration from an ancient Indian epic known for its central theme of triumphing over evil with goodness. The captivating storyline of the movie is intricately woven from the well-known Ramayana epic, a literary masterpiece penned by the sage Valmiki.

Within Hindu mythology, Lord Ram holds a significant position as Adi Purusha, the supreme deity symbolizing righteousness and virtue. In the grand cinematic adaptation of this revered tale, the talented actor Prabhas has been chosen to portray the revered character of Lord Rama, who epitomizes nobility, courage, and righteousness.

Opposite him, the versatile Saif Ali Khan has been selected to play the role of Lankesh, the formidable adversary representing the forces of darkness and malice.

The film delves into the immersive world of ancient mythology, presenting a visual spectacle that brings to life its beloved characters’ epic battles, divine interventions, and emotional journeys. It captures the essence of the Ramayana, emphasizing the eternal battle between good and evil, with Lord Rama emerging as a beacon of hope and an embodiment of virtue.

Adding to the stellar cast, the talented actress Kriti Sanon has been entrusted with the pivotal role of Sita, Lord Rama’s virtuous and devoted consort. Her portrayal of Sita’s strength, grace, and unwavering loyalty contributes to the depth and emotional resonance of the film.

Adipurush aims to enchant audiences with its captivating narrative, vivid storytelling, and spectacular visuals. It is a cinematic endeavour that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and timeless wisdom of Indian mythology.

With meticulous attention to detail, the film strives to create an immersive experience that transports viewers to a bygone era while exploring the eternal themes of righteousness, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil.

As the film takes shape under the creative vision of its producers and the skilful direction of its talented team, the anticipation for Adipurush continues to grow. Audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness this extraordinary tale unfold on the silver screen, immersing themselves in the timeless saga of heroism, love, and the ultimate quest for justice.



Finally, all the speculation and anticipation ended with the release of the Adipurush trailer. Movie enthusiasts have praised the filmmakers for the significant improvements made in the movie.

The Hindi trailer, lasting 3 minutes and 10 seconds, has already garnered over 2 million views in less than an hour, receiving more than 393,000 likes.

The comment section on YouTube is overflowing with positive comments applauding the filmmakers, and the trailer release has caused a frenzy on social media.

The trailer presents the timeless tale of the Indian epic Ramayana. It opens with a mesmerizing view of the Dandakaranya forest, accompanied by the narration of Lord Hanuman/Maruti, who is depicted as meditating.

Lord Hanuman/Maruti sets the stage for the journey of Raghav, starting as an ordinary human and eventually ascending to the status of a deity. The trailer launch event has also generated viral videos featuring the entire team of Adipurush.

Among these videos, one particular clip has garnered high appreciation from fans, where Kriti, unable to find a seat in the front row, chooses to sit on the floor.

The excitement surrounding Adipurush continues to soar as fans eagerly anticipate the movie’s release. The trailer has given them a glimpse of the grandeur and captivating storytelling that awaits. The filmmakers have made significant efforts to enhance the movie and bring the epic tale to life on the silver screen.

With the buzz intensifying on social media, anticipation for Adipurush has reached new heights, making it one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year.


What is the release date of the Adipurush movie?

Adipurush movie is set to release on 16 June 2023.

Who directed the movie Adipurush?

Om Raut directed the movie.

Who is in the cast of Adipurush?

Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh

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