Ashtadigbandhanam is a captivating Telugu-language movie that falls into the thrilling genre of adventure mystery action. This film takes you on a gripping journey for a total of 2 hours and 29 minutes, where suspense and excitement are at the forefront.

At the heart of this cinematic experience are the talented actors, Surya Bharat and Vishika Kota, who skillfully bring the lead characters to life. Credit for the direction of this remarkable film goes to Baba PR, who has masterfully guided the narrative.

Ashtadigbandhanam telugu movie


Release Date22 September 2023
Star CastSurya Bharath Chandra, Vishika Kota, Manoj Kumar Agarwal, Viswender Reddy, Mahesh Ravul, Mani Patel
GenresAction, Adventure, Mystery
DirectorBaba PR
ProducerManoj Kumar Agarwal
CinematographerBabu Kollabathula
MusicJackson Vijayan
WriterBaba PR
EditorSatya Giduturi
Production CompanyParamvah Studios
Distributed byMkaka Film Production


The plot of “Ashtadigbandhanam” revolves around Shankar Goud which is played by Mahesh Ravul and a devoted assistant to MLA Sri Ramulu which is portrayed by Viswender Reddy). Shankar aspires to enter the upcoming elections but faces a daunting challenge from the MLA: he must secure a staggering 50 crores to obtain a ticket.

To achieve this seemingly insurmountable goal, Shankar and his associates hatch a daring plan to rob a bank. They enlist the assistance of Gautham (brought to life by Surya Bharath Chandra), a man in desperate need of money for his wife Priya’s medical treatment. You need to watch the movie to find the answers of these questions: Did their bank heist succeed? Who exactly is Gautham? Did Shankar fulfill his political ambitions?


The storyline is a rollercoaster of intrigue which is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you engrossed from the very beginning to the thrilling conclusion. Baba PR, the writer-director, adeptly incorporates surprises at precisely the right moments, ensuring that viewers remain on the edge of their seats throughout.

Mahesh Ravul delivers an exceptional performance as Shankar, effectively portraying the nuances of his complex character, including his villainous side, through his expressive acting. Ranjith Narayan Kurup, who portrays Chakri, a police sub-inspector, also delivers a commendable performance that adds depth to the narrative.

Surya Bharath Chandra, in the lead role of Gautham, offers a solid and engaging performance that resonates with the audience. The remaining cast members play their roles adequately, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the film.


What is the release date of the Ashtadigbandhanam?

Ashtadigbandhanam movie is set to release in theaters on 22 September 2023.

Who directed the movie Ashtadigbandhanam?

The movie has been directed by Baba PR.

Who is in the cast of Ashtadigbandhanam?

Surya Bharath Chandra, Vishika Kota, Manoj Kumar Agarwal, Viswender Reddy, Mahesh Ravul, Mani Patel

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