Athi I Love You

Athi I Love You is an outstanding Kannada film directed and co-starring Lokendra Surya alongside Shravya Rao. Ananth Aryan provided its musical score, while Sevenraj took charge of its production.

The movie unfolds over one day within the confines of one house. What distinguishes it is its portrayal of intimate scenes between husband and wife characters – particularly moments which shed insight into their complex relationship.

Athi I Love You movie


MovieAthi I Love You
Release Date7 December 2023
Star CastLokendra Surya, Shravya Rao
GenresRomantic, Thriller
DirectorLokendra Surya
WriterLokendra Surya
CinematographerLokendra Surya
MusicAnanth Aryan
Athi I Love You movie story cast

Athi I Love You Story

Vasantha begins his day like any other. As soon as the morning sun peeks through his windows and sidles in through the blinds, it coaxes him out of bed to begin his routine commute to work; athira, Vasantha’s wife, gets some extra rest by starting her day a bit later than him.

Vasantha returns home early, sensing something amiss: the atmosphere feels strangely charged, with palpable tension that hadn’t existed previously. Tuned to his home’s subtleties, Vasantha begins piecing together its strange atmosphere.


Notable in the film is an 11-minute scene shot all in a single take, executed flawlessly and planned with meticulous care by its film crew. Prep involved setting up lighting at various angles within the house as well as carefully choreographed camera movements, with the team successfully capturing its essence while meeting and even exceeding audience expectations.

Ananth Aryan’s musical score adds emotion and depth to “Athi I Love You”, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience. More than just another movie, It explores relationships through one day stories set within one house.



What is the release date of the Athi I Love You movie?

Athi I Love You movie is set to release in theaters on 7 December 2023.

Who directed the movie Athi I Love You?

The movie has been directed by Lokendra Surya.

Who is in the cast of Athi I Love You?

Lokendra Surya and Shravya Rao are in the lead roles in this movie.

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