Calling Sahasra

Calling Sahasra is an upcoming Telugu suspense thriller film directed by Arun Vikkirala that boasts an all-star cast including Sudigali Sudheer, Dollysha and Spandana Palli as the lead characters alongside Siva Balaji and other talented actors in supporting roles.

Musician Mohith Rahmaniac composed its musical score while background music composer Mark K Robin contributed background tunes; cinematographer D. Shashi Kiran skillfully handled cinematography while editing was completed by Garry Bh.

Produced collaboratively by Vijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi and Venkateswarulu Katuri under Shadow Media Productions & Radha Arts banners, “Calling Sahasra” will make its theatrical debut on December 1, 2023.

Calling Sahasra movie


MovieCalling Sahasra
Release Date1 December 2023
Star CastSudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, Spandana Palli, Siva Balaji
GenresCrime, Mystery, Thriller
DirectorArun Vikkirala
MusicMohith Rahmaniac
ProducerVijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, Venkateswarulu Katuri
EditorGarry BH
Production companyShadow Media Productions, Radha Arts
Calling Sahasra movie release date


Sudigali Sudheer plays the cybersecurity professional who experiences strange occurrences after purchasing a new SIM card. As the film unfolds, viewers are taken on a gripping ride through her life as we discover its mysterious aftermath.

Arun Vikkirala’s vision as director is evident throughout, creating anticipation of an engaging cinematic experience. Not only is the plot captivating, but he brings together an exceptional ensemble cast to bring life and depth to their characters.


Mohith Rahmaniac and Mark K Robin will bring musical elements that should enhance the overall impact of the film, creating an engaging experience for its audiences. D. Shashi Kiran’s cinematography and Garry Bh’s editing further contribute to its visual aesthetic and narrative flow.

Shadow Media Productions & Radha Arts’ production team is focused on producing quality entertainment. Together, their combined efforts promise a movie packed with suspense, thrills and technological intrigue.



What is the release date of the Calling Sahasra?

Calling Sahasra movie is set to release in theatres on 1 December 2023.

Who directed the movie Calling Sahasra?

The movie has been directed by Arun Vikkirala.

Who is in the cast of Calling Sahasra?

Sudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, Spandana Palli, Siva Balaji

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