Delivery Boy

There is an eagerly anticipated Marathi movie called Delivery Boy which is expected to be out on February 9, 2024. With the direction of the talented Mohsin Khan, this film has a cast that includes Prathamesh Parab, Ankita Lande, Prithvik Pratap, Shreya Kulkarni and Geetanjali Kulkarni.

MovieDelivery Boy
Release Date9 February 2024
Star CastPrathamesh Parab, Prithvik Pratap, Ankita Landepatil
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorMohsin Mushtaq Khan
ProducerDavid Nadar
WriterRam Khatmode, Vinod Vanve
Production CompanyCinépolis, Lucia Entertainment
Delivery Boy 2024 movie
Delivery Boy 2024 movie review

Plot Summary

The story of this movie revolves around two small time real estate agents called Bhau (Prathamesh Parab) and Chochya (Prithvik Pratap), who live in a tiny town. They have a life altering experience when they meet Dr. Amruta Deshmukh (Ankita Landepatil), a city based doctor who wants to open a surrogacy hospital in their community.

Dr. Amruta Deshmukh crosses paths with struggling yet spirited real estate agents Bhau and Chochya as they go about their daily activities. She yearns for improvement of modern medical facilities in her small town making this the beginning of an interesting escapade.

The plot follows their journey towards establishing a surrogacy hospital while tackling challenges imposed by conservative mindsets among residents of small towns.

Main Characters

Bhau (Prathamesh Parab)

Prathamesh Parab brilliantly plays Bhau who is just like any other ambitious person in a small city or town. As a real estate agent, he understands the limitations he faces but dreams of changing his society positively.

Chochya (Prithvik Pratap)

Chochya whom Prithvik Pratap brings to life is not only Bhau’s trusted partner but also comrade-in-arms. Their quest transcends the boundaries set by their day-to-day dealings in the property sector putting them at odds with societal traditions.

Dr. Amruta Deshmukh (Ankita Lande)

Dr. Amruta Deshmukh, portrayed by Ankita Lande, has a forward-thinking mind. It is her mission to create a surrogacy hospital in the small town and in doing so, challenge preconceptions and norms.

Geetanjali Kulkarni

There are many questions raised concerning this character that have not yet been answered but she seems sure to exert considerable influence on the overall effect of the film given that Geetanjali Kulkarni plays her part with insightfulness.

Themes Explored

The film “Delivery Boy” explores several themes that appeal to viewers. This movie is not just about setting up a surrogacy hospital; it also talks about success according to desire, changing communities and unity power.

Ambition and Dreams

In spite of all odds Bhau and Chochya’s journey is a representation of people following dreams universally. An aspiration for their town to house an institution on surrogacy keeps hope alive for them making the viewers feel motivated as well in chasing after their passions.

Community Transformation

The film illustrates how coming together as a community can transform lives. The backlash faced by these three characters from conservative-minded small townspeople provides an intense commentary on introducing progressive ideas into traditional environments.

Overcoming Judgments

As they try to break free from the set rules society has made, they are judged harshly by individuals around them. Delivery Boy therefore teaches us the importance of resilience and consistency despite criticism as well as the possibility of positive changes that result from going against societal expectations.

Conquering Difficulties

Various challenges are faced by its central characters throughout the plot which enriches this story. Regardless whether we talk about bureaucratic hurdles or social prejudices or even personal setbacks, these characters reveal what strong human spirit and determination means in practice.

Cinematic Elements

Mohsin Khan, the director, has a captivating storytelling ability that is backed by an outstanding cast and promises a movie experience that goes beyond entertainment. The movie will likely be funny, moving and tragic all at once, in order to establish a complex tapestry of feelings which can touch many different kinds of audiences.

Realism in Storytelling

The real aspect of the narrative will be improved through realism while “Delivery Boy” portrays how its characters struggle and win. The relatable background image of small town becomes one with the story as it gets rooted in our everyday lives.

Character Development

Bhau to Chochya; Dr Amruta to the mysterious role played by Geetanjali Kulkarni are some among others character groups who may undergo major transformation throughout this film. There would be instances where we could see human emotions done with great subtlety providing loveable characters who all may relate to.

Visual Aesthetics

The cinematography department as well as the visual aspects are expected to capture the beauty of small towns thereby improve viewers’ experiences. Consequently, there will be a visual representation opposition between traditional and present approaches towards life reflecting on what is essential for this film’s thematic concerns.


“Delivery Boy” seems like a promising addition to Marathi cinema with its unconventional plotline. With well developed characters and themes which reach far beyond cultural boundaries, this picture should leave an indelible mark on its fans.

When introducing a surrogacy hospital into their little town Bhau, Chochya, and Dr. Amruta find themselves in unexpected situations that will make you laugh out loud or cry openly or even appreciate how much determination can bring people together against odds such as these ones in question about human spirit.

Delivery Boy demonstrates how Marathi cinema is evolving through talented actors, competent direction, and deep emotional storyline used here.



What is the release date of the Delivery Boy movie?

Delivery Boy movie is set to release in theatres on 9 February 2024.

Who directed the movie Delivery Boy?

The movie has been directed by Mohsin Mushtaq Khan.

Who is in the cast of Delivery Boy?

Prathamesh Parab, Prithvik Pratap, Ankita Landepatil

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