There is a Tamil drama film called “Election” directed by Thamizh and it stars Vijay Kumar and Preethi Asrani. This movie has been made unique through its captivating sounds that are composed by Govind Vasantha and produced under Aditya’s leadership in the production company A Reel Good Film. The film will be released in cinemas on May 17, 2024

“Election” is expected to be an intriguing story set in politics. It tells the story of Nadarasan, a person who disdained politics at first but eventually got himself involved into politics because of his father’s legacy. Within a dramatic line of events this film also investigates the theme of duty power and transformation.

Release Date17 May 2024
Star CastVijay Kumar, Preeti Asrani, Richa Joshi, George Maryan, Pavel Navageethan, Dileepan
GenresPolitical, Thriller
ProducerAditya Narayanan
MusicGovind Vasantha
CinematographerMahendran Jayaraju
EditorCS Prem Kumar
Production companyReel Good films
Election movie
Election movie review

Directorial Vision

Directed by Thamizh, whose storytelling is nuanced and directing style dynamic, illustrates that Election might just be one such film where intense drama meets robust character development. His approach often involves diving deep into the characters’ subconscious mind which makes them all look real yet fascinating.

Star Cast

The lead stars are Vijay Kumar and Preethi Asrani.. Due to his proven ability to deliver strong performances ,Vijay kumar is expected to add some depth as well as intensity to Nadarasan’s role while Preethi Asrani for her versatility would imbue significant emotional poignancy in the movie.

Musical Composition

Vasantha, who does music for Election, is known for his tendency to blend stories together with background scores. These tunes are supposed to fill its atmosphere with emotions from every side thus making it sound even more cinematic.

Production and Release Date

It was produced by Aditya under his company A Real Good Film which have demonstrated commitment towards quality production works throughout their previous projects.” According to Wooton (2015), this means that these films and works of art always bring out what they promise in their titles.

The release date 17 May 2024 is strategic because this will lead to a warm reception and it could be during an election or any other political related event such as those which are suitable for movie lovers.


The main theme of the “Election” is how Nadarasan who initially despised politics got himself entangled in it, to honor his dead father. This narrative arc provides a foundation for exploring various themes such as personal growth, the impact of legacy, and the complexities of political engagement.

The film is expected to depict how Nadarasan, changes over time reflecting a theme of personal growth. In a way, his reluctant entry into politics and subsequent evolution can be viewed as a metaphorical representation of self-discovery and change.

Legacy And Honor

“Election” heavily relies on the theme of legacy. His past has greatly influenced Nadarasan’s decision to take part in politics thus making us see how family ties can bring about great influence as well as pressure to live with family honor publicly.

Political Intrigue

From the name “Election,” one can infer that there will be intricacies like political maneuvers, alliances and conflicts. All these aspects will definitely add some suspense and drama into the movie, thereby making it appealing to those who have interests in political stories.



Given its strong cast including experienced directorship involved in its making alongside relevant themes underpinning it; Election would certainly become one of those films that people cannot afford not talking about after its release.

It is expected to attract audiences interested in drama and political stories, and could potentially spark discussions on politics and personal responsibility.

The upcoming movie, “Election”, is indeed thought-provoking and very rich in emotion. It is a film that confronts political issues directly or indirectly. Its goal is to challenge and stimulate its audience using its intricate characters, depth of themes and dramatic storytelling techniques.

Therefore, it is expected to be one of the best Tamil movies that are coming out soon. The release date can’t come soon enough; there’s already an unprecedented excitement around this film for its timely themes as well as ageless human issues and battles.


What is the release date of the Election movie?

Election movie is set to release in theatres on 17 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Election?

The movie has been directed by Thamizh.

Who is in the cast of Election?

Vijay Kumar, Preeti Asrani, Richa Joshi, George Maryan, Pavel Navageethan, Dileepan

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