Geethanjali Malli Vachindi

Geethanjali Malli Vachindi is a 2024 Telugu comedy-horror film that served as the directorial debut of Siva Thurlapati. It was produced by Kona Venkat and M.V.V. Satyanarayana under Kona Film Corporation and MVV Cinema respectively, which had an ensemble cast featuring Anjali, Rahul Madhav, Srinivasa Reddy, Sunil and Satyam Rajesh.

This movie blends elements of horror with comedy to give people a different taste of cinema. The story follows a poor film director who later on teams up with another hilarious friend Seenu and meets a stranger owning an old palace.

MovieGeethanjali Malli Vachindi
Release Date11 April 2024
Star CastAnjali, Rahul Madhav, Srinivasa Reddy, Sunil
GenresComedy, Horror
DirectorShiva Turlapati
ProducerKona Venkat, M. V. V. Satyanarayana
EditorChota K. Prasad
CinematographerSujatha Siddhartha
Production companyMVV Cinema, Kona Film Corporation
Geethanjali Malli Vachindi movie
Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi movie review

Production and Direction

The movie Geethanjali Malli Vachindi was directed by Siva Thurlapati while it was produced by Koja Venkhat and M.V.V.Satya Narayana who are famous names in Telugu film industry. The fact that it is created through Kona Film Corporation as well as MVV Cinema indicates that two companies have joined hands to ensure new content for the audience. On this regard, the direction of the movie is intended to mix between humor and horror that would be appreciated by all types of viewers.


Geethanjali Malli Vachindi’s plot revolves around Ayaan (Satya) and his buddy Seenu (Srinivasa Reddy), an aspiring filmmaker. They go through many obstacles together that almost made them surrender before they finally succeeded in making a film.

Their fortunes change when Vishnu (Rahul Madhav), a businessman from Ooty, calls Seenu asking him to produce their movie for him at his haunted house dubbed Sangeet Mahal.

Characters and Performances

Lead Roles

Anjali plays the role of coffee shop owner turned heroine in the film; her performance is just about right for the ensemble cast.

Rahul Madhav played as Vishnu, a mysterious billionaire whose actions are significant to the entire movie. He adds depth and mystery to the plot.

Srinivasa Reddy and Satyam Rajesh are also important characters that play a crucial part in both the comedic as well as suspenseful aspects of this particular movie.

Supporting Roles

Sunil also appears in the film; despite having not so long time on screen, he leaves a strong impression with his humorous act during the latter half of the movie thereby making it memorable.

As a comedian, Satya stands out for perfect timing and expressions that bring relief in what would otherwise be too intense scenes of laughter to this film.

Ravi Shankar and Priya playing ghosts add more horror aspect into it and give interesting performances to watch.


The story shows themes like ambition, supernatural events and crossing boundaries between real life and paranormal. The setting of these haunted houses allows unfolding mysteries thus creating an intertwining genre which keeps people glued to their seats all through.

The reason “Geethanjali Malli Vachindi” was received well is because it successfully used comedy to alleviate fear within a horror atmosphere hence making it appealing even to those people who usually avoid watching scary movies.

A good example of genre mixing in modern cinema is the film called “Geethanjali Malli Vachindi”. Through joining horror and comedy, the movie provides new perspectives on both genres. It presents outstanding skills by its actors and other artists thus being a significant edition to Indian cinema in 2024.

From there they get into Sangeeth Mahal where secrets will be unveiled about their characters that have been kept for years amidst laughter and suspense. A must watch film for those who like interesting stories filled with humor and scary moments.



What is the release date of the Geethanjali Malli Vachindi movie?

Geethanjali Malli Vachindi movie is set to release in theatres on 11 April 2024.

Who directed the movie Geethanjali Malli Vachindi?

The movie has been directed by Shiva Turlapati.

Who is in the cast of Geethanjali Malli Vachindi?

Anjali, Rahul Madhav, Srinivasa Reddy, Sunil

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