Harom Hara – The Revolt

Harom Hara movie was directed by Gnanasagar Dwaraka and stars Sudheer Babu. It was released on June 14th, 2024.

MovieHarom Hara
Release Date14 June 2024
Star CastSudheer Babu, Malvika Sharma, Sunil
GenresAction, Crime, Drama
DirectorGnanasagar Dwaraka
ProducerSumanth G. Naidu
WriterGnanasagar Dwaraka
MusicChaitan Bharadwaj
CinematographerArvind Viswanathan
Production companiesSree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas
Harom Hara movie
Harom Hara movie review

Plot Summary

The narrative of “Harom Hara” revolves around Subramanyam, who is a dedicated lab technician at Kuppam Polytechnic College. Sudheer Babu plays the role of Subramanyam, a hardworking lab technician. Malavika Sharma as Devi is another character in the movie.

Characters and Performances

It is this subtlety in Sudheer Babu’s portrayal that gives a lot more depth to Subramanyam than may first meet the eye when we see him battling through various challenges posed before us-always looking like someone who can relate or connect well.

Malavika Sharma’s embodiment of Devi and V.Jayaprakash’s memorable performances adds a lot more intensity into the storyline.

Direction and Cinematic Techniques

Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka brings unique vision to “Harom Hara,” creating an action packed dramatic film that also makes you feel emotional.

Visual Storytelling

Aravind Viswanathan steered the cinematography in Harom Hara picture. This element of Harom Hara is what appealed most to me; it involved a lot of dynamic angles and bright colors making it lively thus immersing us into their world while shooting.

Particularly there are certain scenes where well choreographed fights take place with creative camerawork could also be seen in many other portions.


Raviteja Girijala edited “Harom Hara” ensuring its seamless flow throughout thus keeping audience glued to their seats from the beginning till end.

It is the way they blended all these elements together without making one overpower another showing how skillful editor must have been maintaining consistency all along this film.


The musical score was composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj which helped set moods, deepen emotions or even heighten tension in every scene presented.

Background Score

This score is a great example of how Chaitan Bharadwaj’s background music adds to the film, enhances thrilling moments and deepens the emotional ones. The music contributes to the overall mood amplifying it and thus making it more engaging.

Sound Effects

In “Harom Hara”, the sound designing is done with perfection with even minute details in the sound effect that accompanies every action sequence. The realistic soundscape blended within the visual scenes have improved on their experience as they increase empathy towards their ongoing drama.

Production and Visual Effects

“Harom Hara” has high production values that show an intense commitment by its makers towards quality.

Sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas

Under this banner, Sumanth G Naidu has produced a film where attention to detail and excellence is highly valued . As seen in the movie’s shiny images, extensive sets and well coordinated special effects, these qualities are apparent.

Special Effects and Stunts

The special effects which are involved with this movie do not override its storyline but instead they blend in smoothly. In addition, stunts were also designed in a way such that they would add excitement as well as reality to the movie.


“Harom Hara” has been applauded by both audiences and critics alike for its engaging storyline, strong performances as well as technical expertise.

This film has been praised by reviewers for its well-crafted narration that strikes a balance between action and emotional telling. According to these critical reviews, it is claimed that the best performance was played by Sudheer Babu who is one of the main actors in this movie.

Many have given positive feedback on how entertained they felt watching the film while at the same time receiving lessons from it. The action scenes particularly are observed as being very thrilling and visually attractive.

Box Office Performance

This means that “Harom Hara” did well in terms of box office figures confirming its popularity with strong word-of-mouth buzz. This goes to prove that successful films are made of interesting storylines, good acting and great production values.



What is the release date of the movie Harom Hara?

Harom Hara movie was released in theatres on 14 June 2024.

Who directed the movie Harom Hara?

The movie has been directed by Gnanasagar Dwaraka.

Who is in the cast of Harom Hara?

Sudheer Babu, Malvika Sharma, Sunil

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