Journey of Love 18+

Journey of Love 18+ is an captivating Indian film produced in Malayalam that expertly blends comedy, drama and romance elements into an eye-catching cinematic masterpiece directed by Arun D. Jose. At its center is Akhil and Athira’s love story that transcends mere romantic love; rather it strikes deep chords across their families and communities alike.

One of the film’s standout qualities was its stellar ensemble cast, including talented actors such as Binu Pappu, Mathew Thomas, Rajesh Madhavan, Manoj KU, Shyam Mohan Kumar Sunil Babu Annoor and Nikhila Vimal.

But what truly caught audiences’ eyes were Saaf Brothers who gained immense renown on social media for their outstanding performances in “Journey of Love 18 Plus”. Their performances brought an unmistakably unique charm that left viewers with lasting memories!

Journey of Love 18 plus movie


MovieJourney of Love 18+
Release Date7 July 2023
Star CastNaslen K. Gafoor, Mathew Thomas, Nikhila Vimal
GenresDrama, Romanctic
DirectorArun D. Jose
ProducerAnumod Bose, G. Prajith, Manoj P. K. Menon, Jini K. Gopinath
CinematographerSatheesh Kurup
MusicChristo Xavier
Story byRajesh Varikkoli
Production CompanyFalooda Entertainments Reels Magic
Distributed byIcon Cinemas


Meenakshi holds a degree in mass communication. Her journey into cinema began when actress Surabhi Lakshmi came to Kannur for a commercial shoot at Kannur airport which also included Meenakshi’s home being used as part of the filming location. Meenakshi, having always held an affinity for acting, readily accepted Surabhi Lakshmi’s offer and embarked upon her acting journey within Malayalam cinema.

The magic of this film goes beyond its cast. Its story behind-the-scenes is equally charming. Meet Meenakshi, an intriguing individual with a degree in mass communication who was thrust unexpectedly into cinema when Surabhi Lakshmi arrived unexpectedly for an ad shoot at Kannur airport – with part of this commercial being shot at Meenakshi’s own home!

Meenakshi had long harbored an intense passion for acting, yet her ambitions remained hidden within. But fate intervened during a shoot when Surabhi Lakshmi recognized Meenakshi’s talent and asked if she was interested in pursuing acting professionally – and Meenakshi enthusiastically said yes, thus opening up her remarkable path into Malayalam cinema.


Behind the scenes, an enthusiastic team was working diligently to bring “Journey of Love 18+” to life. Produced by Anumod Bose, Manoj Menon, Dr. Jini K. Gopinath and G. Prajith under Faluda Entertainment and Reels Magic banners; visual beauty captured by cinematographer Satish Kurup expertly framing each scene of the film;

Cristo Xavier, widely acclaimed for his work on ‘Madanotsavam,’ created an exquisite musical score for this film. Vinayak Sasikumar, Suhail and Vaishakh Sugunan composed beautiful lyrics for each of the songs featured, adding depth and emotion to each scene of this cinematic experience. AD J Ravish Nath managed the screenplay and dialogue flawlessly, ensuring characters’ emotions came alive on screen.

Chaman Chacko served as editor, crafting its narrative seamlessly. Christo Xavier handled background music for maximum emotional impact. Nimesh Tanur provided visual aesthetics through her talents as production designer.

Sujith CS designed and executed costumes while Sinupraj did makeup artistry for Sinupraj’s face-paint effects. Production executive Sreekuttan Dhanesan played an essential part by overseeing every aspect of production with care.

Rejivan Abdul Basheer served as chief associate director, Liju Prabhakaran was responsible for digital intermediate (DI), Vishnu Sujathan provided sound mixing expertise, while Arjun Suresh captured still photographs that will forever remind viewers of this movie’s most unforgettable scenes.

Yellowtooth managed the advertising art and Icon Cinemas was responsible for distribution. Finally, A.S. Dinesh served as Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of this cinematic masterpiece to ensure audiences knew and loved it!



What is the release date of the Journey of Love 18+?

Journey of Love 18+ Movie was released on 7 July 2023.

Who directed the movie Journey of Love 18+?

The movies has been directed by Arun D. Jose.

Who is in the cast of Journey of Love 18+?

Naslen K. Gafoor, Mathew Thomas, Nikhila Vimal

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