Sathish Malempati directs “Kaadaadi”, a gripping movie. The film stars Akshith Shashikumar and Lavanya Sahukar. Chandini Tamilarasan, Raghu Ramanakoppa, Ravi Kaale, Telugu actor Posani Krishna Murali, and Shravan Raghavendra among others also feature in the movie playing supportive roles. Bhims Ceciloreo scored the music for “Kaadaadi” which added more flavor to it.

LanguageKannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
Release Date5 July 2024
Star CastAditya Shashikumar, Lavannya Sahukara, Chandini Tamilarasan, Ravi Kale, Sravan Raghavendra, Posani Krishna Murali, G. Marimuthu, Sony Charishta
DirectorSatheesh Malempati
CinematographerVijaya Sree
MusicBheems Ceciroleo
WriterSatheesh Malempati
Production CompanyArunam Films
Kaadaadi movie
Kaadaadi movie review


Sathish Malempati is known for his ability to make captivating action films like “Kaadaadi”. He always takes a great deal of caution in what he does with movies as he tells dramas that are quite different from others.

His calling in this case is making an adrenalin pumping flick that will keep you at the edge of your seat until its final scenes when the suspense finally breaks loose.


Akshith Shashikumar and Lavanya Sahukar play leading roles in “Kaadaadi”. Notably, Akshith Shashikumara versatile actorhas come on board as the lead character in this film. To make it even more interesting this lad has a lot of charisma on him hence we expect him to give us one of those unforgettable performances ever seen before.

On the other hand,Lavanya Sahukar is going to act alongside him as his wife.Given her performance record so far, we can be certain that “Kaadaadi” will not fail in establishing her as a force to reckon with within the industry.

The presence of these actors adds weight to the overall message conveyed by the film.In order that no role seems flat they all have differing approaches to its interpretation.

There is a great part in this film of Chandini Tamilarasan that she plays with such strong emotions. The audience will be able to connect with her performance.

This man has played significant roles in the past too while being at the same time very powerful on the screen. He is one of those characters who if removed from “Kaadaadi” may kill off the whole movie.

It helps when someone like Ravi Kaale plays a role in a movie as he adds depth into any acting project. His character is more experienced than most others in the film industry.

Posani Krishna Murali, the Telugu actor, whose impactfulness and versatility are legendary, also stars in “Kaadaadi”. This shows that it is a movie with diverse and talented cast members.

Shravan Raghavendra wraps up this supporting cast with his amazing acting skills. Shravan’s part is likely to add some mystery or other elements of suspense into the storyline.


The music for “Kaadaadi” was done by Bheems Ceciroleo who has already made his name widely known through previous works of art. His compositions have always added flavor into movies making them livelier and more captivating.

As such, they will help build the story of “Kaadaadi” as well as make it emotionally stronger thus allowing for emotions come alive on screen whenever required.

Plot Overview

Although specific details about “Kaadaadi” are not yet available in regard to its story-line, we do know it contains lots of action-packed scenes throughout. Expectations regarding this flick are high due to intense action sequences combined with emotional highs and lows which will keep you glued to your seat.

Cinematography and Visuals

In addition, it is expected that another aspect worth mentioning about “Kaadaadi” is its cinematography. The visual style of this movie aims at immersing audiences in its world using expert camera work that captures intense actions and dramatic moments.

This will likely enhance the overall viewing experience through lighting, framing and special effects among other things making Kaadaadi very captivating visually.


“Kaadaadi” has huge expectations due to involvement of quality individuals in it. Those people who love action movies may want to see tension-filled sections while persons who go for great storytelling might find themselves with this one owing to its heart-wrenching content.

A combination of a renowned director, exceptional actors plus an illustrious music-composer helps set up Kaadaadi as yet another unforgettable film in the genre of action.



What is the release date of the Kaadaadi?

Kaadaadi movie is set to release in theatres on 5 July 2024.

Who directed the movie Kaadaadi?

The movie has been directed by Satheesh Malempati.

Who is in the cast of Kaadaadi?

Aditya Shashikumar, Lavannya Sahukara, Chandini Tamilarasan, Ravi Kale, Sravan Raghavendra, Posani Krishna Murali, G. Marimuthu, Sony Charishta

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