Kanni is an upcoming Tamil drama film directed by Mayon Siva Thorapadi that will have everyone talking about it. This movie has great actors, a captivating sound track and also a storyline that combines the elements of intrigue, suspense and drama.

Release Date17 May 2024
Star CastAshwini Chandrashekar, Manimaran Ramasamy, Tharra Krish, Ram Barathan, Jahnavi B, Sarika Selvaraj, Mathamma Velmurugan, Baby Danvika
GenresMystery, Thriller
DirectorMayon Siva Thorapadi
ProducerM. Selvaraj
MusicSebastian Sathish
CinematographerRajkumar Periyasamy
EditorSam RDX
Production companySun Life Creations
Kanni movie
kanni movie review


“Kanni” is directed by Mayon Siva Thorapadi. The director’s keen eyes on details and his ability to tell stories are what makes this movie so different from others. His direction helps in maintaining the flow of the story without losing concentration from the beginning to end.


Ashwini Chandrashekar plays one of the lead roles alongside Manimaran in this film who have both been known for their outstanding performances. In “Kanni”, Ashwini Chandrashekar will be remembered as one of those members who made all others shine through her excellent performance.

Ashwini Chandrashekar: She plays a vital role in the movie where she brings the emotions as well as depth into her character. Her acting talent during filming was highly appreciated by the audience.

Manimaran: As always, Manimaran did not disappoint his fans because he always had many faces to play. Through his character, several layers were added to make it more substantial thereby making it even more interesting

Music Composer

The music for “Kanni” has been composed by Sebastian Sathish whose haunting scores speak volume about life that is full of ups and downs. The soundtrack will touch viewers hence making the whole experience worthwhile.


Sun Life Creations under Selvaraj M has produced “Kanni”. This production house has been behind some quality movies which strike a balance between entertainment and intellectualism. With “Kanni”, Selvaraj M goes on doing this ensuring that it remains both commercially viable as well as artistically relevant.

Plot Synopsis

“Kanni” revolves around Sembi, a mountain girl who has a marvelous basket which can cure all illnesses. It is this miraculous basket that gives her ability to heal those whom people thought were beyond repair in the community. However, these wonders that she does also lure bad attention.

Resilience and Strength

Sembi characterizes resilience and strength. She never wavered even in face of unimaginable loss and danger thus being resolute to live on as well as protecting her gift. This movie brings out the importance of inner strength within people as well their capability to surmount any challenges.

Music by Sebastian Sathish

In this case, music plays a pivotal role in creating an ambiance in “Kanni.” It is anticipated that Sebastian Sathish’s compositions will be haunting but at the same time uplifting melodies that will go hand-in-hand with the story.

In addition, it is also expected that a soundtrack will add depth to emotions which are likely to make impact on viewers facing them for a long time.

Visual Aesthetics

Moreover, cinematography is another aspect where “Kanni” stands out from other films. Visually stunning narrative arises from blending mountain scenery with some dark intense parts of the story.

The shots taken artistically combined with lighting effects translate into greater effects on the audience’s judgment about a film.

Release Date

On May 17th , 2024, Kanni is going to hit cinemas across India. Given its intriguing storyline plus strong ensemble cast consisting creative crew members in charge of different departments in filmmaking, there is already enough buzz surrounding this project. This movie promises drama; suspense; Tamil enthusiasts have no choice but to watch it.



“Kanni” is a movie about hope, resilience and the struggle between good and evil. The film is poised to be a hit with powerful performances from Ashwini Chandrashekar and Manimaran, direction by Mayon Siva Thorapadi, and an unforgettable score by Sebastian Sathish.

Fans cannot wait for “Kanni” to be dropped in theaters; it is easily one of the best movies that will establish Tamil film industry this year.


What is the release date of the Kanni movie?

Kanni movie is set to release in theatres on 17 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Kanni?

The movie has been directed by Mayon Siva Thorapadi.

Who is in the cast of Kanni?

Ashwini Chandrashekar, Manimaran Ramasamy, Tharra Krish, Ram Barathan, Jahnavi B, Sarika Selvaraj, Mathamma Velmurugan, Baby Danvika

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