Kismat is a Telugu drama film directed by Srinath Badineni, which revolves around three best friends played by Abhinav Gomatam, Naresh Agastya, and Avasarala Srinivas on everyday ups and downs.

This endearing but captivating story revolves around their dreams, ambitions and the predicaments faced by these unremarkable unemployed engineers from a small village. However, as they move forward with faith and hope in their hearts, fate takes a central role in guiding them to unexpected places.

Release Date2 February 2024
Star CastAbhinav Gomatam, Naresh Agastya, Avasarala Srinivas, Riya Suman, Ajay Ghosh, Chammak Chandra, Milkuri Gangavva, Vishwadev Rachakonda
GenresComedy, Crime
DirectorSrinath Badineni
MusicMark K. Robin
Co-producerCh Bhanuprasad Reddy
WriterSrinath Badineni
CinematographerVedharaman Sankaran
EditorViplav Nyshadam
Production CompanyComrade Film Factory
kismat movie
kismat movie review


The plot of “Kismat” unfolds in an idyllic village where three close buddies just out of college have huge dreams like an expanse of a horizon. Even while jobless, they remain hopeful because of an unwavering belief that their future luck or ‘kismat’ will be better than it is now.

Comradeship between the three is the soul of the tale as it demonstrates that friendship can overcome adversity. Nonetheless, the course of their lives is changed forever when the power of Kismat becomes evident during their journey.

Main Characters

Abhinav Gomatam

  • He is idealistic and full of hopes for his friends’ lives.
  • He serves as a catalyst for his pals to strive for the best.
  • His morals are put on trial as the story proceeds unfolding his endurance.

Naresh Agastya

  • The practical one who acts as a barometer within the group.
  • An encounter with harsh realities makes him question life choices which were made in pursuit of dreams.
  • Confronts moral dilemmas that shake his ethical fiber to the core.

Avasarala Srinivas

  • A carefree friend who has always lightened up every situation with humor and comic relief in any circumstances
  • Gets himself into situations that test his loyalty and resilience
  • Grows personally as the story unfolds around him.

Dreams’ evolution

It captures dreams and better life just perfectly. Each character represents a different facet of human experience, and as they move together, the paths they choose mirror the various ways people take in search of success.

In pursuit of their dreams, the three friends choose to walk on unconventional pathways. This unwavering belief in the transformative power of luck becomes both a beacon and trouble when confronted with unexpected challenges.

The Turning Point

While trying to adapt to the complexities of city life, Kismat throws a curveball by thrusting them into an unexpected heist – money heist. This unforeseen twist sets off a chain of events that will test their friendship to its limits and force them to question their own moral compasses.

Tagline: “An easy so lucky life of three seemingly ordinary, jobless engineers from a small village goes haywire as they try to hide an unwelcome money heist, and honesty remains their only way out.”

Moral Dilemmas and Ethical Choices

The central part in the story is played by moral dilemmas that face protagonists. The choices they make out of sheer hopelessness to change what lies ahead takes them into a mesh. The thin line between wrong and right is well depicted in this narrative while it also shows what each protagonist has done through this narration with respect to actions as described above.

Guided by honesty amidst disorder, honesty appears as a leading idea. The friends wrestle with the repercussions of their choices, wondering whether it is only through truthfulness that they can escape from these chains. Such introspection gives a realistic touch to the characters.

Elements of Cinematic Techniques

Srinath Badineni’s direction makes this tale come alive; it mixes in drama, humor and suspense perfectly. As in most cases such as this one, which are set in small villages and cities life, picturesque setting add to its visual richness. The screen play effortlessly switches between moments of joy, tension and self-discovery keeping the audience hooked to the film from beginning till end.

Release and Anticipation

The date for “Kismat” release has been marked on February 2nd 2023 in theaters hence creating an anticipation among the audiences about the movie. The cast has delivered stellar performances while storytelling with a unique storyline making it entertaining and thought provoking.


“Kismat,” however is much more than just another film; it is a journey that speaks to dreams, struggles and moral dilemmas that define those who go through life. This movie tells a very compelling story that touches people inside through friendship and unpredictable nature of destiny.

Like in many other movies where fate plays an important role Kismat also does not leave behind the aspect of choice making forcing viewers to reflect upon your own beliefs, morals etcetera until it ends. Eventually however Kismat is not just any other interesting movie but rather an emotional and introspective journey that will remain with its followers forever defying entertainment boundaries.



What is the release date of the Kismat movie?

Kismat movie was released in theatres on 2 February 2024 in the Kannada language.

Who directed the movie Kismat?

The movie has been directed by Srinath Badineni, who has done tremendous work in the field of direction in this telugu film.

Who is in the cast of Kismat?

Abhinav Gomatam, Naresh Agastya, Avasarala Srinivas, Riya Suman, Ajay Ghosh, Chammak Chandra, Milkuri Gangavva, Vishwadev Rachakonda

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