Krishnamma is a sublime Telugu action drama directed by Gopala Krishna V. The film has an ensemble cast headed by Sathya Dev and Athira Raji with the likes of Lakshman, Nanda Gopal, Raghu Kunche among others.

Taking place in the lively city of Vijayawada, it tells the story of three friends who grow up together as they get entangled in crime and justice.

Release Date10 May 2024
Star CastSatyadev Kancharana, Athira Raj, Archana Iyerr, Raghu Kunche
GenresDrama, Action
DirectorVV Gopala Krishna
ProducerKrishna Kommalapati
MusicKaala Bhairava
CinematographerSunny Kurapati
Production companyArunachala Creations
Krishnamma movie
Krishnamma movie review


In “Krishnamma” three inseparable friends Bhadra Koti Shiva grow up as orphans. Vijayawada comes alive as a character itself that influences and shapes the lives of its people; that is what makes this film a unique experience.

While Shiva chooses a righteous path, Bhadra and Koti are drawn into smuggling which gives way to conflict and drama.

Cast & Characters

Key Roles

Bhadra played by Sathya Dev: Sathya Dev nails his role as Bhadra, a man caught between his past life and future ambition. His command of local dialects and culture creates an authentic character making him one of the most outstanding characters.

Athira Raji: In her role as Love interest Athira Raj’s acts with grace bringing out a lot of depth in this love interest for Krishna Teja Reddy’s part i.e. Shiva thereby giving rise to emotional complexity in narration.

Supporting Roles

Koti played by Meesala Lakshman: Throughout the film, Lakshman adds comedy without undermining how serious-minded it is covered or meant to be. He brings comedic relief through timing coupled with expressions.

Shiva played by Krishna Teja Reddy: As Shiva, Reddy portrays a sincere personality that reveals challenges faced while remaining faithful amidst chaos.

ACP characterized by Nanda Gopal: The ACP acts menacingly through Nanda Gopal highlighting the plot twist in the story by bringing in an element of law enforcement.

Direction and Production

Krishnamma, directed by V.V. Gopala Krishna, is a movie that combines action with emotional drama to create an experience. The film is produced by Krishna Kommalapati under the banner of Arunachala Creations, promising quality and entertainment.

Music and Cinematography

Kaala Bhairava’s Music: The background music which has been done by Kaala Bhairava brings out emotions in a way that flows smoothly with the narration giving it an outstanding oratory art form.

Cinematography by Sunny Kurapati: As portrayed through Kurapati’s cinematography, Vijayawada can be seen as being real from its busy markets to the calm river banks thus adding visual depth to the movie.

Edited by Tammiraju: Tamiraju edited this film properly so that there were no loose ends within the script or plotline to give viewers a reason not to watch it from start till end.


Themes and Reception

Krishnamma is one of those crime thrillers surrounded by themes of loyalty, friendship and redemption. It examines how childhood connections affect our adult lives and make us lose ourselves in our pasts.

Overall there has been positive feedback on these casts especially Sathya Dev who played Bhadra character very convincingly.

This movie will be enjoyed most among people who like such action dramas because they explore on human experiences with deep relationships as well as societal issues. Krishnamma becomes an engaging view with a combination of comedy together with action plus drama.


The film “Krishnamma” is unique because not only it amuses but also causes the viewer to think about the underlying mysteries of destiny and human will. It delivers a total movie experience through remarkable performances, good production qualities and an engaging plot.

For Telugu movie lovers and action enthusiasts alike, this movie is a must-watch as it not only exhibits great potential in its actors and directors and but provides intellectual amusement.


What is the release date of the Krishnamma movie?

Krishnamma movie has been released in theatres on 10 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Krishnamma?

The movie has been directed by VV Gopala Krishna.

Who is in the cast of Krishnamma?

Satyadev Kancharana, Athira Raj, Archana Iyerr, Raghu Kunche

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