Love In London

Love In London is an upcoming movie that has created a lot of anticipation among movie enthusiasts. This film combines action and romance elements, offering a captivating and diverse viewing experience.

The talented cast, including Anubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini, and Somya Sachdeva, brings their skills and charisma to the forefront, promising stellar performances that will leave audiences spellbound.

Under the direction of Tapas Sargharia, “Love In London” is poised to deliver an entertaining and thrilling cinematic journey. Sargharia’s vision and creative approach infuse the movie with a unique flavour, ensuring it stands out.

Meanwhile, the film is produced by the dynamic duo of Naveen Bhandari and J Barkha, who leave no stone unturned to bring this remarkable project to life.

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Love In London

Action, Romantic, Thriller

Cast: Anubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini, Somya Sachdeva

Director: Tapas Sargharia


MovieLove In London
Release Date13 June, 2023
StarsAnubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini, Somya Sachdeva
GenresAction, Romantic, Thriller
DirectorTapas Sargharia
ProducerNaveen Bhandari, J Barkha
MusicBaidyanath Dash, Asad Nizam
WriterSuresh Patnaik
CinematographerSubrat K. Khatoi
EditorRajesh Dash
Production companyJB Films, Amara Studios
Love In London movie


The excitement among fans of “Love In London” is contagious. People eagerly count the days until its release, discussing and speculating about the movie’s plot, character dynamics, and potential surprises.

The anticipation is palpable, as everyone is eager to witness the chemistry between the lead actors and the magic they bring to the screen.

The buzz surrounding “Love In London” intensifies as the release date draws near. Fans engage in conversations about the film, eagerly sharing their expectations and analyzing every information released.

They eagerly await the opportunity to be transported into the vibrant world of “Love In London,” where action sequences and romantic moments intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

The question on everyone’s mind is, “When will ‘Love In London’ finally make its grand debut on the silver screen?” The anticipation is at its peak, with fans eagerly searching for any updates or announcements regarding the movie’s release date.

The enthusiasm and eagerness to watch this much-anticipated film are infectious as people eagerly plan to gather in theatres to witness the magic unfold.


The story revolves around a complicated love triangle. Our main character finds himself in a situation where he is married to a woman who deeply loves him, but his heart is drawn to another girl. When things seem settled, the other girl reenters the picture, adding a twist to the story.

The central question remains: whom will he ultimately choose? Will he stay loyal to his wife, follow his heart’s desires, and be with his lover? The resolution of this dilemma forms the core of the plot, keeping audiences eagerly anticipating the outcome and the emotional journey that unfolds.


What is the release date of the Love In London movie?

Love In London movie is set to release in theaters on 13 June 2023.

Who directed the movie Love In London?

The movie is directed by Tapas Sargharia.

Who is in the cast of Love In London?

Anubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini, Somya Sachdeva

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