Lucky Lakshman (2022)

The film “Lukkya Lakshman”, directed by AR Abhi and produced by Haritha Gogineni on Dattatreya Media Guaranteed Limited, is set to hit the theatres on 30th December, starring Syed Sohel and Mokksha.

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Drama, Family

Cast: Syed Sohel Ryan, Mokksha, Raja Ravindra, Devi Prasad

Director: Abhi Ar

Lucky Lakshman Movie Overview

Release Date30 December, 2022
StarsSyed Sohel Ryan, Mokksha, Raja Ravindra, Devi Prasad, Sameer Hasan, Kadambari Kiran, Shani Salmon Anurag, Ameen, Sridevi Kumar, Racha Ravi, Jabardhasth Karthik, Geethu Royal, Yadam Raju
GenresDrama, Family
DirectorAR Abhi
WriterAR Abhi
ProducerHaritha Gogineni
Production HouseDattatreya Media Guaranteed Limited
CinematographerI Andrew
EditorPrawin Pudi
MusicAnup Rubens

Lucky Lakshman Movie Review

Lucky Lakshman is an exciting movie with many positive reviews; many people have found it inspiring, stating that it reminded them of the resilience and strength that one can find in even the most difficult situations.

Moreover, people who watched the movie considered it to be quite touching and funny at times. Most importantly, they believed that this movie taught valuable life lessons and revealed how great we could be when we put our minds and hearts together.

Lucky Lakshman was a highly anticipated movie with great hype before its release. After its launch, people from all over the world had different opinions about it. Some people liked that it was a mixture of stories, romance, drama, action, and comedy.

At the same time, some appreciated the emotional attachments between many characters in the movie. Others found the plot cliched at times and criticized that some scenes were exceptionally long. Nevertheless, many viewers enjoyed the performances of both lead actors, who delivered remarkable performances in their roles.

Lucky Lakshman (2022) Movie Release Date

Lucky Lakshman movie is arranged to theatrically launch on December 30, 2022.

About Lucky Lakshman Movie 2022

Sohel, a middle-class man with strained relationships with his girlfriend, parents, and friends, is faced with a situation that shakes his life. A situation arises that turns his life upside down, and the rest of the story deals with what happens next.