Luv You Shankar

Luv You Shankar is an upcoming animated film directed by Rajiv S. Ruia and produced by Desai family including Sunita Desai, Tejas Desai, and Rohandeep Singh. This movie promises to be a heart-touching story with lead roles featuring Shreyas Talpade who acts as Shankar, Abhimanyu Singh playing the role of Lord Shiva and Sanjay Mishra who portrays his father.

The trailer was released on 9th April 2024 setting the viewers in the ambiance of this enchanting world. Set to hit the theater screen on 19th April 2024, this film will mesmerize people through its unique plot twists and engaging characters.

MovieLuv You Shankar
LanguageHindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil
Release Date19 April 2024
Star CastShreyas Talpade, Sanjay Mishra, Tanishaa Mukerji, Abhimanyu Singh, Hemant Pandey
GenresAdventure, Drama
DirectorRajiv S. Ruia
ProducerTejas Desai, Sunita Desai
EditorParth Y. Bhatt, Abhiishek Mehta
WriterSanjay Masoom
Production companiesJumping Tomato Marketing Pvt. Ltd., SD World Film Production, Visica Films
Luv You Shankar movie
Luv You Shankar movie review


A poignant storyline characterizes Luv You Shankar’s plot where an eight-year-old boy interacts with Lord Shiva. The movie explores this unlikely partnership through vibrant animation, combining such themes as friendship, faith, and self-discovery.


Shankar: A cute eight-year-old kid embarks upon a spiritual quest to discover himself in “Luv You Shankar.” Through meeting with Shiva God, he gets important lessons about living right.

Lord Shiva: One central figure in Indian mythologies which forms a core part of the movie Luv You Shankar is Lord Shiva. His interactions with Shankar will teach him many things so that he can understand better how everything works.

Supporting Characters: This tapestry has other participants apart from Lord Shiva and Shankar making it rich. From fairy tale figures to oracle-like mysticism, every one adds more depth to the fabric plot weaving around them-self.

Themes Explored

Friendship: Friendship lies at the core of “Luv you shankar” that reveals what true friendship means through shankers bond with lord shiva no matter their differences these two characters share a deep connection built on trust mutual respect and sympathy.

Faith and Belief: In faith and belief, the movie is about spirituality. Shankar’s faith never wavers; it helps him navigate through the difficult times of his life. He has that guiding light which is his unshakable faith in God where he gets hope and his resilience becomes stronger as adversity becomes more intense.

Self-Discovery: Shankar learns a lot about himself and life in general from Lord Shiva. The boy who seeks answers about himself or herself experiences a profound transformation after grappling with identity crisis losing one’s own self This journey makes him a stronger person than before as his mind opens up to reality.

Animation & Visuals

The visually stunning animation stands out in Luv You Shankar. From lush landscapes to intricate character designs, this film takes audiences on an imaginative ride immersed in colors. Every shot is carefully composed such that viewers can lose themselves in it, making their experience unforgettable.

Music & Soundtrack

The music score of luv u shankar is not only evocative but also powerful enough to bring out the feel of the scene being portrayed at any given time. The classical Indian tones mixed with contemporary melodies characterize Luv You Shankar’s music which makes storytelling even better hence making it become a symphony of images and sounds remembered long after the lights go off.


Luv You Shankar, which is soon to be shown in cinemas all over the world, has caused endless speculation among fans who anticipate it. The movie is capable of being understood by people from all walks of life since there are some universal themes and it is also told with a lot of feeling.


In a marketplace that mostly majored on live-action blockbusters, Luv You Shankar stands out as an animation piece that takes the audience into a heartfelt story. This film is likely to take the breath away from its viewers with its interesting plotline and dazzling images as well as impersonally likeable characters.

As such, never miss this date on your calendar for you will surely live to remember Luv you shankar after its release on 19th April 2024.



What is the release date of the Luv You Shankar movie?

Luv You Shankar movie is set to release in theatres on 19 April 2024.

Who directed the movie Luv You Shankar?

The movie has been directed by Rajiv S. Ruia.

Who is in the cast of Luv You Shankar?

Shreyas Talpade, Sanjay Mishra, Tanishaa Mukerji, Abhimanyu Singh, Hemant Pandey

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