The movie ‘Nindha’ is a Telugu crime thriller directed by Rajesh Jagannadham. Featuring a star-studded cast led by Varun Sandesh, Annie and Shreya Rani Reddy. Produced under the Fervent Indie Productions banner, it’s one of those films that keeps viewers on tenterhooks about what will happen next.

Other than the primary casts, the film also features notable performances from Tanikella Bharani, Chatrapathi Sekhar and other actors who make the story more interesting using their vast experience in acting.

The film incorporates music contributed by Santhu Omkar, camera work done by Ramiz Naveeth and edited by Anil Kumar P all which combines to give a comprehensive cinematic experience.

Release Date21 June 2024
Star CastVarun Sandesh, Tanikella Bharani, Bhadram, Surya Kumar Bhagvandas, Annie Zibi, Shreya Rani Reddy, Mime Madhu, Sreeram Siddarth Krishna, Q Madhu, Sidharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai
GenresCrime, Drama
DirectorRajesh Jagannadham
ProducerRajesh Jagannadham
WriterRajesh Jagannadham
MusicSanthu Omkar
CinematographerRamiz Naveeth
EditorAnil Kumar P
Production companiesThe Fervent Indie Productions
nindha movie
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Plot Summary

The movie starts with Vivek (played by Varun Sandesh) executing an almost perfect kidnapping where his targets are quite varied- namely: a Sub-Inspector (SI), doctor, lawyer, constable and two ordinary citizens.

In the beginning Vivek’s moves look like madness with no meaning leaving hostages wondering how unpredictable their kidnapper can be.

Main Characters and Performances

Varun Sandesh provides an amazing performance as Vivek when he moves out of his comfort zone. This adds depth to his character who is obsessed with discovering the truth. The actor’s part showcases a change in demeanor from previous films where he entirely deviates from that life style portraying emotional turmoil for Vivek through nuanced acting.

These two actors play key roles in creating realism and depth for this film. They have strong screen presence besides complementing well with Varun Sandesh’s version of Vivek. Annie’s role gives empathy angle while Shreya Rani Reddy brings important insights into changing puzzles.

Tanikella Bharani: Known for his versatile acting, Bharani delivers a strong performance that adds credibility to the film’s narrative. The actor plays a pivotal role helping to connect all other stories within it.

As Balaraju, Sekhar brings a raw intensity to his character, making his portrayal of a man wrongfully accused both compelling and sympathetic.

Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, and Others: Supporting actors contribute effectively towards developing the story as they act.


Thorough story-telling, meaningful scripting and a film that is always engaging are some of the attributes of Rajesh Jagannadham’s direction.

The producer’s goal is to develop a story where actors look their best while shooting in minute details, this leads to a carefully connected series of actions. This way, the viewer remains hooked.


Ramiz Naveeth’s cinematography plays an important role in setting the tone for this film. His choice of lighting, camera angles, and shot composition heightens the drama in the movie.

Shot after shot accurately captures the feel of every scene from kidnapping tension to emotionally charged revelations hence contributing significantly to visual storytelling in the film.


Omkar’s music score in “Nindha” therefore intertwines with emotions as well as other intense parts of the narrative. Such background music during nail-biting scenes intensifies anxiety and conveys moods and feelings of individuals within these dramatized episodes.

In addition, his work provides consistency needed for great viewing experience.


Anil Kumar P does not make any mistake when editing this film since he maintains a pacing rate that is both easy to follow yet quick enough. As such, it is quite natural that much tension builds up as expected out of his decisions regarding editing.

Thus making sure it keeps audiences involved throughout its duration. Following scenes appear interconnected while their timing matches that required for dramatic development in this movie.

Production and Release

“Nindha” had many challenges during its production process ranging from casting decisions to keeping the vision intact throughout the filming process. The collaboration between the director, cast, and crew was crucial in bringing about a complex narrative.

Authenticity is something viewers can see not only through various details but also actors’ play on stage.


“Nindha” was welcomed with positive reviews after it hit theaters because of its gripping storyline, strong performances, effective direction among other factors according critics. Reviewers recognized Varun Sandesh’s versatility when he tackled roles unlike any other he has played before; thus portraying someone very difficult convincingly enough.

The audience also approves this film mainly because of its societal themes or how humans behave; hence making it popular among viewers including reviewers.



What is the release date of the movie Nindha?

Nindha movie was released in theatres on 21 June 2024.

Who directed the movie Nindha?

The movie has been directed by Rajesh Jagannadham.

Who is in the cast of Nindha?

Varun Sandesh, Tanikella Bharani, Bhadram, Surya Kumar Bhagvandas, Annie Zibi, Shreya Rani Reddy, Mime Madhu, Sreeram Siddarth Krishna, Q Madhu, Sidharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai

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