Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe

Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe, a delightful Kannada romantic entertainer directed by Simple Suni, will be charming audiences from February 8th, 2024. Starring Vinay Rajkumar, Mallika Singh and Swathishta Krishannan among others; while Karthik Mahesh, Sadhu Kokila, Rajesh Nataranga, Arun Balaraj and many others are in supporting roles.

With Veer Samarth’s melodious music and captivating cinematography by Karthik this film promises to be an auditory as well as visual delight.

MovieOndu Sarala Prema Kathe
Release Date8 February 2024
Star CastVinay Rajkumar, Mallika Singh, Swathishta Krishannan, Karthik Mahesh, Sadhu Kokila, Rajesh Nataranga, Arun Balaraj
GenresDrama, Romantic
DirectorSimple Suni
ProducerMysuru Ramesh
CinematographerKarthik Nanjunda Sharma
EditorAadhi Krishna
MusicVeer Samarth
Production CompanyRam Movies
Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe movie
Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe movie review

Plot Summary

For Athishay in “Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe,” the heart throbs with its own language of dreams that are made of fireflies. The story of the movie is very interesting and surely to engage audiences.

Main Cast

Athishay (Vinay Rajkumar)

A vibrant young man ready to take on any challenge that life throws at him: This describes Vinay Rajkumar’s character in detail as he plays the role of Athishay. He represents an artistic soul crying out for creative expression and wanting something deeper than average connections.

Anu (Mallika Singh)

Anu portrayed by Mallika Singh is some one looking for a genuine selfless person who loves her. Her character enhances the story and becomes an integral part of Athishay’s journey, challenging and changing conceptions of love over the years.

Supporting Cast

The movie has among others Karthik Mahesh, Sadhu Kokila, Rajesh Nataranga, Arun Balaraj. Every character adds up to a wealth of emotion experience that all enriches everything.

Musical Expression

It is not only another cinematic device but also a musical score that plays throughout this movie. Music for Athishay symbolizes emotional outpour whereas interwoven melodies within the storyline add depth and empathy into characters’ feelings.

Cinematic Elements

“Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe” is about to give a silver screen experience that goes beyond the classical romantic genre. Simple Suni’s direction, combined with Veer Samarth’s music that reaches the soul and Karthik’s visually captivating cinematography will make it a visual and auditory delight for the audience.

Enchanting Music

Veer Samarth is expected to take the movie higher by composing some soul-stirring melodies suited for emotional dimensions of this story. The music plays an integral part in telling this story, elevating its overall effect and drawing in the audience into emotional journey of each character.


Karthik’s cinematography intends to encapsulate the spirit of the tale while offering an ocular spectacle for viewers. These picturesque landscapes and intimate moments between characters are likely to be portrayed in a beautiful way, thereby enhancing the general cinema experience.

Narrative Pacing and Storytelling

Simplesuni known for his storytelling acumen is expected to come up with a narrative that strikes an equilibrium between emotion, humour and drama. This pace of this story is likely to hold viewers’ attention hence allowing them connect with characters much deeper than usual.


Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe presents a fresh view on love, dreams and self-discovery. The movie shows great direction, great ensemble cast, enchanting melodious songs, good sharp visuals, moving performances and solid screenplay.

Vinay Rajkumar and Mallika Singh’s rendition of Athishay and Anu shall bring life to characters that transcend the conventional romantic stereotypes. This film is poised to touch viewers, with its unconventional themes on love, dreams and a quest for true love.

This is not just another love story called “Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe” but an emotional symphony through which people are encouraged to embrace love in its most pure and multi-faceted form.



What is the release date of the Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe movie?

Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe movie is set to release in theatres on 8 February 2024.

Who directed the movie Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe?

The movie has been directed by Mohsin Mushtaq Khan.

Who is in the cast of Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe?

Vinay Rajkumar, Mallika Singh, Swathishta Krishannan, Karthik Mahesh, Sadhu Kokila, Rajesh Nataranga, Arun Balaraj

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