Paarijathaparvam is a film in Telugu that will debut on 19th April 2024 in movie houses. This comedy thriller was directed by Santosh Kambhampati and guarantees viewers laughter as well as some suspense.

Mahidhar Reddy and Devesh of Vanamali Creations produced this film. The essay explores various aspects of the movie, including its story, cast, production, score, cinematography and editing.

Release Date19 April 2024
Star CastSunil, Chaitanya Rao, Viva Harsha, Shraddha Das, Shrikanth Iyyangar, Malavika Satheesan, Surekha Vani, Sameer Hasan
GenresAction, Comedy, Drama
DirectorSantosh Kambhampati
ProducerMr. Mahidhar Reddy, Devesh Sreenivasan
EditorSashank Vupputuri
CinematographerBala Saraswathi
Production companyVanamalee Creations
Paarijathaparvam movie
Paarijathaparvam movie review

Plot and Theme

Although few details have been released about the plot of Paarijatha Parvam, it could be inferred from the comedy-thriller genre that it would be filled with funny scenes mixed with thrilling ones.

The audience can expect a narrative filled with twists-and-turns made possible by hilarious plots which culminate into suspenseful climaxes that confound expectations. With regard to its title, “Paarijatha Parvam,” the word Parijatha refers to heaven; thus it might possibly be linked to romance or mythical content revolving around love or celestial beauty.

Cast and Characters

The film has an assortment of actors ranging from established ones to newcomers in Tollywood. Sunil who is known for his perfect timings in comedies plays one of the lead roles ensuring humor throughout the movie.

In addition to Malavika Satheesan , Chaithanya Rao ,and Shraddha Das are also playing main characters which provide a combination of dramatic touches and screen charisma respectively. Viva Harsha ,Srikanth Aiyyengar ,Sameer,Surekha Vani,Gundu Sudarshan etc., play supporting parts each expected to bring their unique impact on the comic-thriller story line.


Vanamali creations is producing “Paarijatha Parvam” through Mahidhar Reddy and Devesh are producers. A producer’s role is crucial in ensuring the overall film is within budget, production schedule and coordination of all stages of filmmaking.

The producers are expected to invest in a compelling narrative and quality production that will be enhanced by advanced technology used in the setting of the film.

Music and Soundtrack of Paarijathaparvam

The Music Director of Paarijathaparvam is Ree which suggests a soundtrack that matches well with the theme of the movie as well as its emotional state through its selected songs. In comedy thrillers, music often serves to increase comedy while heightening suspense.

Therefore, one expects a mix of fast-paced beats and tension-driven scores complimenting the unfolding events on screen.


One pillar upon which this film stands is Bala Saraswathi’s cinematography. Cinematography should not only capture visually what has been written on paper but also enhance story telling through angles, lighting and camera movements.

In comedy thrillers how scenes are shot may affect greatly humor delivery and suspense hence cinemetographer role becomes critical to influencing atmosphere of the movie as well as providing an interactive platform for viewers.


It is Sasank Vupputuri who will have edited “Paarijatha Parvam.” What he must guarantee here is rhythmic continuity allowing audience not to lose pace while engaged in viewing.. Editing is more challenging when it comes to comical thriller movies since they involve striking a balance between timing comedy shots and maintaining momentum necessary for keeping suspense high.

The seamlessness of cuts defines how expertly Vupputuri links up different acts so that rhythmical sequence can be maintained throughout while balancing exposition against action.



What is the release date of the Paarijathaparvam movie?

Paarijatha Parvam movie is set to release in theatres on 19 April 2024.

Who directed the movie Paarijatha Parvam?

The movie has been directed by Santosh Kambhampati.

Who is in the cast of Paarijathaparvam?

Sunil, Chaitanya Rao, Viva Harsha, Shraddha Das, Shrikanth Iyyangar, Malavika Satheesan, Surekha Vani, Sameer Hasan

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