Paradise is a Malayalam film that has recently been a topic of discussion in the industry. Sri Lankan director, Prasanna Vithanage who is highly respected and manifested by his effort to bring together an exceptional cast and crew so as to create a cinema that will go beyond regional borders.

It stars Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran with Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies leading the production. The academy award-winning movie will be released on 28th June 2024, having earned it the prestigious Kim Jiseok award at Busan Film Festival 2023.

Release Date28 June 2024
Star CastRoshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran, Shyam Fernando, Mahendra Perera, Sumith Ilango, Isham Samsoodeen
GenresDrama, Romantic
DirectorPrasanna Vithanage
ProducerSanita Chittilappilly, Anto Chittilappilly
WriterPrasanna Vithanage
CinematographerRajeev Revi
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
Production companiesMadras Talkies
paradise movie
paradise movie review


Prasanna Vithanage, an acclaimed Sri Lankan filmmaker of international repute well known for his ability to create stories which connect with people from diverse cultures. His approach often involves profound investigations into the consciousnesses of spectators around him.

Paradise is a movie not straying far from this narrative format. Via his direction, one gets to see Malayalam cinema in a new light because he amalgamates his own mode of storytelling with Kerala’s rich cultural background.


Roshan Mathew, one of the leading actors in Paradise, has made a name for himself through various performances including those in Malayalam cinema. Noted for bringing out nuances and depths to complex characters, his fans and critics expect much more after seeing him involved in this film.

She is playing the main lady character; her other famous roles have always been outstanding due to their strong performances by them. In addition she brings authenticity that matches perfectly with intricacy narrated throughout “Paradise.”

The movie was marked by Shyam Fernando’s inclusion as part of its talented ensemble cast. By doing so, he is expected to make substantial contributions that would go a long way in giving the movie a resonating impact.

Another prominent actor from Sri Lanka and one of the major players in “Paradise” is Mahendra Perera. It also shows us how much this film cut across cultures and how many people were involved in its production.

Technical Brilliance

The film’s narrative and cast are outstanding, but pay due attention to its technical crew which will definitely raise the quality of it.


Rajeev Ravi, a well-known cinematographer, is behind the lens for Paradise; his notable work speaks for itself. In fact Ravi’s cinematography is anticipated to be a visually breathtaking experience when viewed by audience as he has made tremendous strides into Indian cinema.


Sreekar Prasad an accomplished editor in the Indian film industry has handled the editing for this film. Pacing and storytelling have been perfectly aligned thanks to this expertise of Prasad’s.

Sound and Music

Tapas Nayak (sound designer) designs sounds that provide auditory scenes that accompany visual narratives brilliantly. This aspect will add another layer to the film while making it more interesting.

The music director for Paradise was K who composed songs highlighting similar themes and moods expressed within the storyline of this movie. Music will be significant in this film since it sets out mood or tone elsewhere else throughout the feature film.

Multilingual Release

“Paradise” is expected to be released in several languages including Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi and Sinhala. The use of multiple languages for this movie launch attests to the universality of the film as well as filmmakers’ desire to reach larger audiences.

Thus, “Paradise” seeks to overcome linguistic barriers and have a presence on global stage.

Release Date

June 28th, 2024 is when Paradise will hit the big screens leaving fans eagerly waiting its release. This date remains an important one on every movie calendar worldwide since it introduces audiences into the much anticipated cinematic journey known as Paradise.


Even in its international cinematic circuit “Paradise” has already been recognized extensively. This accolade emphasizes its artistic and cinematic brilliance as it was awarded with the Kim Jiseok Award at the 2023 Busan Film Festival.

As a result of this award, curiosity about this film has grown further such that it has become a must-watch among cinema fans.

“Paradise” is a true representation of the spirit of cinema that brings together actors and crews from various cultural backgrounds across the world. Led by Prasanna Vithanage under Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies, this film will be remembered for long.

Therefore, with multilingual release, superb cast performance and technical expertise; “Paradise” is anticipated to be a movie that defies boundaries and resonates with viewers globally. Therefore as days approaches closer towards its premiere date more excitement builds up for Paradise which promises extraordinary movie experience.



What is the release date of the movie Paradise?

Paradise movie was released in theatres on 28 June 2024.

Who directed the movie Paradise?

The movie has been directed by Prasanna Vithanage.

Who is in the cast of Paradise?

Roshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran, Shyam Fernando, Mahendra Perera, Sumith Ilango, Isham Samsoodeen

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