Pareshan is an upcoming romantic movie in Telugu, known for its beautiful melodies and captivating storylines. The film revolves around a heartfelt love story, promising to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster.

At the centre of this enchanting tale are Thiruveer and Pavani Karanam, who portray the main characters with impeccable acting skills. Their chemistry on screen is expected to leave the audience mesmerized and deeply invested in their journey.

Pareshan boasts an ensemble cast of rising stars, each bringing their unique talents to the screen. Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, and Raju Bedigela deliver remarkable performances in significant roles, adding depth and richness to the narrative.

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Comedy, Drama

Cast: Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna

Director: Rupak Ronaldson


Release Date2 June, 2023
StarsThiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, Raju Bedigela
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorRupak Ronaldson
MusicYashwanth Nag
EditorHarishankar Tamminana
WriterRupak Ronaldson
CinematographyVasu Pendem
Production companyWaltair Productions
pareshan movie


In the picturesque town of Mancherial, a close-knit group of young friends exists: Isaac, Basha, RGV, Satthi, and Maidaku. This vibrant group of youths resides in a colliery town, an area known for its coal mines and a scarcity of opportunities.

Trapped in a place where education, goals, and promising futures seem elusive, they often yearn for something more. In the eyes of Samarpan (Isaac’s father), the job opportunity represents more than just employment for Isaac; it symbolizes a chance to embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter future.

It is a beacon of hope that could lift Isaac and their family out of the limitations imposed by their colliery town. Samarpan believes that by connecting with the preacher and his teachings, Isaac can find purpose and direction and ultimately build a life filled with meaning and fulfilment.

As the story unfolds, we witness these remarkable individuals’ struggles, aspirations, and growth, shedding light on the challenges faced by those living in the shadow of limited opportunities.

The movie serves as a poignant exploration of the human spirit’s resilience, and the profound impact relationships and personal choices can have on shaping one’s destiny.



The creative vision behind Pareshan comes from the talented Rupak Ronaldson, who not only wrote the captivating screenplay but also took charge of directing the movie. Rupak’s artistic prowess and attention to detail ensure that every frame is visually stunning and brings the story to life in the most captivating way.

In addition to the brilliant performances, the music in Pareshan is composed and arranged by the immensely talented Yashwanth Nag. Known for his ability to create soul-stirring melodies, Yashwanth’s music promises to be the perfect accompaniment to the emotions portrayed on screen.

The audience can expect to be moved and immersed in the romantic atmosphere through the captivating soundtrack. The cinematography of Pareshan is skillfully handled by Vasu Pendem, who captures the essence of each scene with artistic finesse.

Vasu’s expertise in framing shots and using lighting to enhance the film’s mood adds another layer of visual brilliance to the storytelling. Siddharth Rallapalli produces the movie under the esteemed banner of Waltair Productions Pvt. Ltd., a production house known for its commitment to delivering high-quality films.

Supported by the experienced and acclaimed producer ‘Handsome Hulk’ Rana Daggubati from Suresh Productions Pvt. Ltd., Pareshan has the backing of two powerhouses in the industry, ensuring that the movie receives the best resources and support to make it a memorable cinematic experience.

In conclusion, Pareshan is an eagerly awaited Telugu romantic movie that promises to captivate the audience with its heartfelt story, stellar performances, enchanting music, and visually stunning cinematography.

With a talented cast and a dedicated team behind it, the film is set to create waves in the industry and leave a lasting impact on the hearts of the audience.


What is the release date of the Pareshan movie?

Pareshan movie was released in theaters on 2 June 2023.

Who directed the movie Pareshan?

The movie is directed by Rupak Ronaldson.

Who is in the cast of Pareshan?

Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, Raju Bedigela

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