Prathinidhi 2

One of the best political dramas ever produced in Telugu film industry is Prathinidhi 2, directed by Murthy Journalist. It promises to interweave intricate political ploys with personal stories of braveness and ambition.

With a stellar cast like Nara Rohit and Siri Lella, as well as plot that probes into political intrigue and media manipulation,” Prathinidhi 2” will definitely be an interesting movie when it comes out on 2024.

MoviePrathinidhi 2
Release Date10 May 2024
Star CastNaara Rohith, Siree Lella, Sapthagiri, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh, Prudhvi Raj
GenresDrama, Political, Thriller
DirectorMurthy Devagupthapu
ProducerKumar Raza Bathula, Anjaneyulu Sri Thota, Surendranath Bollineni
MusicSwara Sagar Mahathi
CinematographerNani Chamidisetty
EditorRavi Teja Girijala
Production companyRana Arts, Vanara Entertainments
Prathinidhi 2 movie
Prathinidhi 2 movie review

Plot Summary

The story of “Prathinidhi 2” is based on Chetan, a fearless news channel operated by Nara Rohit. The plot gets more intense with the killing of Prajapathi, a good-hearted Chief Minister whose role is played by Sachin Khedekar.

After his father’s death in an explosion due to bombs, Viswa, portrayed by Dinesh Tej finds himself at a crossroad and eventually chooses to follow in the footsteps of his dad as he leads the state. This sets up a series of events which are actually central within this film comprising political ambitions, search for truth and chase for power.

Cast and Characters

Principle Cast

Nara Rohit as Chetan: The main character running daring news channel that forms the basis for resolving this movie’s main conflict.

Siri Lella: Her part has not been disclosed but she will play alongside Rohit in one way or another.

Supporting Roles

Dinesh Tej as Viswa: Newbie seeking incumbent’s chair battling both political enemies and personal ghosts.

Sachin Khedekar as Prajapathi: A caring chief minister whose unfortunate demise triggers off political unrests.

Jisshu Sengupta, Thanikella Bharani and others: These experienced actors bring depth to their portrayals adding nuances to characters entangled in politics.


Director: Murthy Journalist

Music Composer: Mahati Swara Sagar, whose compositions will lend melody to this intense narrative.

Cinematography: Done by Nani Chamidisetty, with a promise of visually rich storytelling.

Editing: Raviteja Girijala who’s set to pace the film dynamically with his editing skills.

Producers and Banner

Producers: Kumar Raza Bathula; Anjaneyulu Sri Thota and Surendranath Bollineni

Production Houses: Vanara Entertainments and Rana Arts are known for producing quality movies in Telugu cinema industry.

Themes and Analysis

The themes tackled by “Prathinidhi 2” include:

Political Legacy and Transition: The power shift from Prajapathi to Viswa represents the old order versus new age politics.

Media Influence in Politics: Chetan’s news channel plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and political narratives, highlighting the power of media in governance.

Justice and Corruption: The movie delves into the dynamics of justice as well as widespread corruption within political spheres.

Music and Cinematic Techniques

Mahati Swara Sagar’s music is expected to be inspiring or heavy depending on the context but matching up with dramatic arcs of the film.

The cinematography done by Nani Chamidisetty aims at making good use of scenic Andhra Pradesh landscape contrasted against dirty worlds of political offices while editing by Raviteja Girijala would focus on keeping audience in constant suspense during scenes such as political rallies or major twists in plots.



The political drama “Prathinidhi 2” positions itself as a major cinematic work. An enticing plot, talented cast and efficient crew are some of the reasons why the film should be educative as well as entertaining.

The movie is bound to spark off debates and possibly mirror the present day politics when it finally hits the screen in 2024. With an assortment of seasoned performers and newcomers, “Prathinidhi 2” could prove to be a turning point for Telugu cinema, not only generating audience following on account of its story but also raising issues that go beyond its scope.


What is the release date of the Prathinidhi 2 movie?

Prathinidhi 2 movie has been released in theatres on 10 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Prathinidhi 2?

The movie has been directed by Murthy Devagupthapu.

Who is in the cast of Prathinidhi 2?

Naara Rohith, Siree Lella, Sapthagiri, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh, Prudhvi Raj

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