Raajadhani Files

In the beating heart of Telugu cinema, a new promising film is about to burst into light –‘Raajadhani Files’. Directed by the gifted Bhanu, it has an impressive cast of actors whose names will go down in history.

For instance, among them are newcomers Akilan and Veena who hold vital positions; while seasoned teachers like Vinodh Kumar and Vani Viswanath were also included.

With much anticipation for February 15th, 2024 release date, the newly released Trailer is giving hints of what to expect within this gripping political drama which unfolds against the farmers’ sacrifices for Amaravathi development as well as Andhra Pradesh capital.

MovieRaajadhani Files
Release Date15 February 2024
Star CastPushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Shanmukh Guntuboyina, Vishal Patni, Amrutha Chowdary
DirectorBhanu Shankar
ProducerRavi Shankar Kantamnenie
CinematographerRamalingam Ramesh Babu
ChoreographerTharupudi Ganesh Swamy
MusicMani Sharma
EditorKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production CompaniesTelugu One
Raajadhani Files movie
Raajadhani Files movie review


‘Rajadhani Files’ at its core tells a story that enlightens on farmer’s challenges when they selflessly gave up their lands for societal progresses. The trailer beautifully shows the sufferings and difficulties undergone by these people highlighting how government seemed not to care. It revolves around a social-political setting mirroring farmer’s sacrifices effects on themselves and their community.


The movie stars an ensemble cast with Vinodh Kumar and Vani Viswanath playing important role players that are likely to bring some depth as well as credibility to this story. Also, inclusion of talented newcomers such as Pavan, Shanmukh, Vishal, Madhu, Ajayratnam, Ankitha Takour and Amrutha Chowdary injects youthful energy into the project.

Significantly though it includes 600 original farmers and 100 farmers children who were important characters during the rise up for making Amaravathi capital city in Andhra Pradesh.

Technical Brilliance

One standout highlight from “Rajadhani Files” trailer is background score composed by Manisharma which turned out more impacting. His music raises up intense dialogues or captivating narrative thus enabling one feel part of them all through.

One can easily find clues to the visual richness and attention to detail that this film will be endowed with from the trailer’s meticulous editing and cinematography.

Realism and Inspiration

Slated for release in February 2024, “Rajadhani Files” seems to stir from the real world happenings especially of the 2019 farmers’ protest. Somewhere within it, the trailer suggests a plot born out of those who made their agricultural lands fallow so as to accomplish Amaravathi, thereby echoing a wider sociopolitical movement.

Inclusion of Original Farmers

What makes ‘Rajadhani Files’ unique is its cast where 600 original farmers and 100 children of farmers were included. This decision was aimed at bringing authenticity into the movie as well as honor those that participated directly in establishment of Andhra Pradesh’s capital city.

Through them, the film becomes more realistic hence evoking emotions attached to how Amaravathi was developed.

Production Team and Vision

The film itself is produced by Kantamaneni Ravishankar whose directorial vision for ‘Rajadhani Files’ is executed by Bhanu. Together with all other crew members, they desire to present such cinematic experience which will entertain but also stimulate thinking about societal and political problems addressed in this work.


Raajadhani Files is a Telugu film that promises to deliver an insightful storyline, alluring casting and brilliant technicalities. By the time it hits the screens on February 15, 2024, this film will make viewers think about the sacrifices made by farmers and the political context surrounding Amaravathi.

Thus encouraging conversations about appreciating and responding to the issues faced by those who sacrifice their own welfare for the sake of others.



What is the release date of the Raajadhani Files movie?

Raajadhani Files movie is set to release in theatres on 15 February 2024.

Who directed the movie Raajadhani Files?

The movie has been directed by Bhanu Shankar.

Who is in the cast of Raajadhani Files?

Pushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Shanmukh Guntuboyina, Vishal Patni, Amrutha Chowdary

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