Rama Banam (రామబాణం)

Rama Banam (రామబాణం) movie review, story: “Rama Banam” is an eagerly anticipated movie that brings together the talented director Srivas and the renowned actor Gopichand in a remarkable collaboration.

The film is being produced by TG Vishwaprasad under the prestigious banner of People Media Factory, ensuring a high-quality cinematic experience for the audience. Adding to the movie’s charm, the stunning actress Dimple Hayati has been cast as the female lead, raising the fans’ excitement levels.

The release of the promotional material for “Ramabanam” has caused a wave of enthusiasm among movie enthusiasts. The teasers, trailers, and posters have captivated the audience with their captivating visuals and intriguing storyline.

Each glimpse into the world of the film has left the viewers eagerly anticipating its release. During a press conference, Director Srivas shared some interesting insights about “Rama Banam.”

He discussed the unique features of the movie and shed light on the creative process that brought it to life. His words showed that the director and his team had poured their heart and soul into this project, aiming to deliver an exceptional cinematic experience.

rama banam రామబాణం movie poster

Rama Banam (రామబాణం)

Action, Drama, Family

Cast: Gopichand, Jagapathi Babu, Dimple Hayati, Khushbhu

Director: Sriwaas

RamaBanam Movie Overview

rama banam రామబాణం movie
MovieRamabanam (రామబాణం)
Release Date5 May 2023
CastGopichand, Jagapathi Babu, Dimple Hayati, Khushbhu
GenresAction, Drama, Family
WriterBhupati Raja
EditorPrawin Pudi
ProducerTG Vishwaprasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla
MusicMickey J. Mayor
CinematographyVetri Palanisamy
Production companiesPeople Media Factory

The collaboration between Director Srivas and Gopichand holds great promise, as they have previously worked together to create memorable films. Their partnership has yielded successful movies, and the audience has high expectations for “Rama Banam.”

With the added charm and talent of Dimple Hayati, the film promises to be a captivating journey filled with emotion, action, and entertainment. As the release date approaches, the anticipation for “Ramabanam” grows.

Fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the magic that Director Srivas and his team have crafted. The movie is expected to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative, impressive performances, and visually stunning sequences.

It is set to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of moviegoers, further solidifying the reputations of the talented individuals involved in its creation.


As the film రామబాణం progresses, the audience can expect to witness the two brothers’ deep bond and shared passion for organic food production. The storyline will likely explore the challenges they face, their personal growth, and their impact on those around them.

Through their journey, the film aims to raise awareness about the benefits of organic farming, showcasing the power of sustainable agriculture and its potential for a healthier and more environmentally conscious future.

The film’s narrative intertwines the themes of brotherhood, organic food, and the positive influence one individual can have on an entire community. It seeks to inspire viewers to embrace organic food practices and understand the significance of preserving nature’s resources.

With Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu’s compelling performances, the film promises to captivate audiences while delivering a powerful message about the importance of sustainable living and the impact of our choices on the world we inhabit.


The film’s central theme revolves around the concept of organic food, highlighting its importance and benefits. In this engaging storyline, the characters played by Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu portray the roles of brothers, emphasizing the bond of brotherhood as a significant aspect of the narrative.

The movie’s backdrop is set in the world of organic food production, where the characters’ lives and interactions occur. According to reports, Jagapathi Babu’s character holds great expertise in cultivating organic food.

His knowledge and dedication to this eco-friendly and healthy approach to farming have earned him a remarkable reputation among the masses. The efforts he puts into growing organic food have not only benefited him but have also provided numerous employment opportunities to many individuals within the community.

The character’s immense contribution to the organic food industry has garnered immense respect and admiration from the public. He is seen as a beacon of inspiration and a role model for others.

People hold him in high regard, considering him a symbol of goodness and progress. His commitment to organic farming and its positive impact on society has elevated his status to a significant extent.


When will Rama Banam be released?

Ramabanam is set to release in theaters on 5 May

Who directed the movie Ramabanam?

The movie is directed by Srivas.

Who is in the cast of Rama Banam?

Gopichand, Jagapathi Babu, Dimple Hayati, Khushbhu

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