Sarangadhariya is a Telugu drama film that unites a talented ensemble and crew to narrate an emotional and thought-provoking story. Padmarao Abbisetti directs the movie, while Sarat Chandra Challapalli and Umadevi Achanta produce it.

It presents the complexities of family relations, social prejudices, and dreams’ endless pursuance. The main characters include Raja Raveendar, Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Yashaswini Srinivas, and Moin Mohammad with music by Ebenezer Paul.

Release Date12 July 2024
Star CastRaja Raveendar, Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Yashaswini Srinivas, Moin Mohammad, Mohit Pedada, Neela Priya Devulapalli, Srikanth Iyengar, Harsha Vardhan, Madhu Latha
DirectorPadmarao Abbisetti
ProducerSarat Chandra Challapalli, Umadevi Achanta
CinematographerSiddarth Swaymbhoo
MusicEbenezer Paul
Production companyLyca Productions, Red Giant Movies
Saranaga Dhariya movie
Saranaga Dhariya movie review

Plot Overview

Sarangadhariya revolves around one family’s struggle against societal prejudices. The central conflict in this film revolves around protecting their honour as a family.


Raja Raveendar is highly instrumental in “Sarangadhariya”, displaying remarkable depth in his role portrayal. A strong and unyielding family man, Raja Raveendar is one of the main characters in the film. He guides his family through stormy waters and makes significant life decisions that affect the entire household.

Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu adds a new dimension to the story. His role brings up issues of personal challenges in a traditional Indian family. His character is vulnerable and determined at the same time; these traits make him more relatable to audiences.

Yashaswini Srinivas dazzles in her performance, bringing a fresh and vibrant presence to the screen. Her personal journey echoes that of many others in this movie as she learns about herself within this context. The inspiration behind her acting is genuine which propels audiences into believing that young people can achieve their ambitious goals despite their age.

Moin Mohammad’s character forms an interesting part of this movie. Through his interactions with the household as well as evident struggles within self creates some compelling sub plot that deepens overall narrative diversity too. One could feel the authenticity and depth of his acting that contributed immensely to its emotional effects.

Production and Direction

The movie “Saranga Dhariya: Love Trap” directed by Padmarao Abbisetti, showcases his perspective of photography skills in storytelling and execution very clearly.

His directing prowess brings out the best performances from the crew hence achieving a coherent yet emotive story. Balancing between drama and realism, Abbesettis successfully carry the day.

Producers Sarat Chandra Challapalli And Umadevi Achanta have been instrumental in bringing Saranga Dhariya alive. This project has benefited from their dedication evidenced by high production quality standards and meticulous attention to details.

Through collaboration with both director or cast members, they ended up producing visually attractive films that bear strong sentiments within them.


Ebenezer Paul’s musical score gives more weight to Sarangadhariya owing to its rich depth of expression that comes along with music. It underscores relevant elements of the narrative hence adding emotional investment into it in terms of key scenes depiction.

In fact, its themes are captured through Paul’s compositions thus turning soundtrack into an indispensable part of entire experience.


The cinematography used in “Sarangadhariya” is a visual poem. The film depicts magnificent landscapes and well-crafted scenes that intensify the storytelling.

Lighting and camera angles are also employed to deepen the emotional texture of the story, hence making it a visually engaging experience for the audience members.

Editing in Sarangadhariya

The editing of Saranga Dhariya has been instrumental in maintaining constant pace and coherence throughout the entire movie. Viewers are never bored because of its seamless transitions from one scene to another while at the same time maintaining a good speed of storytelling.

In addition, it ensures that every subplot or character arc gets enough attention thereby resulting into an effective ending.

Costume and Set Design

“Saranga Dhariya’s” costume and set designs reflect the cultural and social contexts where this story unfolds. Detailed costumes and well-designed locations make the film look real thus giving it an artistic impression for viewers.

These visual elements further reinforce what happens in narrative hence turning it into a more involving venture.

Trailers of Saranga Dhariya


Directed by Padmarao Abbisetti, produced by Sarat Chandra Challapalli and Umadevi Achanta, “Saranagadhariya” has been graced with powerful performances from Raja Raveendar, Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Yashaswini Srinivas, Moin Mohammad among others.

Ebenezer Paul’s music together with outstanding cinematography, editing as well as set design makes this movie unforgettable for everyone who watched it. Consequently, through its authentic plotlines with well developed characters.

It offers an introspective observation on how families struggle to keep their honor intact towards achieving their dreams no matter what hurdles come their way.


What is the release date of the Sarangadhariya?

Saranga Dhariya movie was released in theatres on 12 July 2024.

Who directed the movie Sarangadhariya?

The movie has been directed by Padmarao Abbisetti.

Who is in the cast of Saranga Dhariya?

Raja Raveendar, Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Yashaswini Srinivas, Moin Mohammad, Mohit Pedada, Neela Priya Devulapalli, Srikanth Iyengar, Harsha Vardhan, Madhu Latha

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