Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha

The forthcoming Malayalam love story, “Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha” (henceforth referred to as “the film”) has won the hearts of movie lovers with its enthralling plot.

This movie will be released on May 2024 and it is a clear representation of a timeless romantic saga enmeshed in the tapestry of Kerala’s diverse cultures. Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval’s directorial career high is expected to provide an intense emotional ride through tremendous acting from the cast, eye-catching visuals and soulful music.

MovieSureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha
Release Date16 May 2024
Star CastRajesh Madhavan, Chithra Nair, Kunchacko Boban, Sudheesh, Sharanya Ramachandran
GenresComedy, Drama, Romantic
DirectorRatheesh Balakrishnan Poduval
ProducerEmmanuel Joseph, Ajith T
MusicDawn Vincent
CinematographerSabin Uralikandy
EditorAkash Thomas
Production companySilver Bay Studios, Silver Bromide Pictures
Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha
Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha movie review


This is another great addition to Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval’s list of achievements whose reputation lies in his unique style of narration and technical mastery. The script for this film was developed by Poduval himself who also directed it thereby suggesting that both his writing and directing efforts were personally motivated thus ensuring a consistent flow throughout the narrative.

Heavily influenced by his own screenplay which tends to put more focus on character development rather than on relationships between human beings but not completely devoid of them, it is hoped that he would bring out every bit about their love affair.

Cast and Roles

In Sureshettan and Sumalatha characters Rajesh Madhavan along with Chitra Nair takes lead role in this movie respectively. The two actors are known for delivering deep performances which appear real for viewers.

As Nair is famed for her emotive power while Madhavan boasts a track record of portraying complex people on screen; their planned chemistry will become unforgettable within this film.

Production Team

Emmanuel Joseph together with Ajith Thalapalli produces “the film”. Their works before have been characterized by attention to detail and support for visionary directors with a focus on quality.

Cinematography and Editing

Sabin Uralikandy who is responsible for cinematography in the film captures Kerala’s beauty and its inherent love, conflict and redemption. The editing part of this movie is also important because Akash Thomas will ensure that it flows smoothly all the way maintaining its pace as well as ensuring that every scene adds up to the whole story.

Musical Score

Dawn Vincent shapes the musical contours of “the film” whose melodies are believed to be perfectly harmonizing with thematic aspects. Malayalam movies often employ music as a device which raises stories to higher levels. Thus, it is expected that Vincent’s composition would heighten romanticism and drama in the tale.


The storyline of “the film” revolves around Sureshettan, who constantly has a dynamic relationship with Sumalatha, making their commitment wax and wane through various tests.

It should be noted that this evergreen theme will reach out to audience members thereby causing them to think about what does not perish in love or what it takes to hold onto such relationships when all else may fail.



The film is anticipated to be huge. This because of the director’s renown, a good story and famous lead actors in the movie. All Malayalam cinema fans and lovers of romantic movies are looking forward to the film premier.

Critically, people will be watching this movie for its narrative structures which may include character development emotional depth among others. Therefore, scholars and film critics will also note on how traditional elements are integrated with contemporary cinematic techniques.


What is the release date of the Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha movie?

Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha movie has been released in theatres on 16 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha?

The movie has been directed by Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval.

Who is in the cast of Sureshinteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakatha?

Rajesh Madhavan, Chithra Nair, Kunchacko Boban, Sudheesh, Sharanya Ramachandran

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