February 16th, 2024 was a day of great joy for Malayalam cinema fans with the release of Thundu directed by Riyas Shereef. The main role in this tender narrative belongs to Biju Menon who is also a versatile actor directing the film.

Production which comes under Ashiq Usman Productions and was headed by Ashiq Usman brought Riyas Shereef’s script to reality through cooperation of the talented team members. Camera expert Jimshi Khalid and musical maestro Vishu Vijay were among them.

Naba Usman masterminded the edit work ensuring that it flows uniformly and orderly.

Release Date16 February 2024
Star CastBiju Menon, Shine Tom Chacko, Johny Antony, Unnimaya Prasad, Unnimaya Prasad, Gokulan, Sajin Cherukayil
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorRiyas Shereef
ProducerAshiq Usman, Jimshi Khalid
CinematographerJimshi Khalid
EditorNabu Usman
Costume DesignerMashar Hamsa
Production CompaniesAshiq Usman Productions
thundu movie
Thundu movie review


Thundu unfolds around Constable Baby enacted by Biju Menon, who is characterized as charismatic. Baby’s service has been aiming at better pay off for his efforts unexpectedly falls into an array of troubles that pose threat on his plans for success. This section takes us through how Baby manages to walk through this maze of problems using comedy and heart in a way that will captivate you.

This movie guarantees happiness, family dynamics and complexities while highlighting friendship virtues which are real, true as well as worldwide acceptance. In this respect, the story-line not only has funny moments but also deep reflections about humanity.

Biju Menon brings Constable Baby to life with his undeniable charisma and acting skills as he does so well in many other Malayalam films. His ability to move smoothly between humor and heart-wrenching scenes has endeared him to many movie-goers thus making “Thundu” another proof of his versatility.


Off screen, there is still a distinct flavor given to it by Riyas Shereef’s direction that makes it original yet easy for anyone to relate with. This is in line with what we have said before about directorial decisions like writing your own script without losing the plot showing a comprehensive understanding of the story thereby creating seamless connection between what is seen and what is in mind. Because of this, every component of the film from Cinematography to Music are well aligned with the directors perspective under the guidance of Ashiq Usman led production team.


Cinematographer Jimshi Khalid, who is recognized for his breathtaking visuals, enables one to see how the story unfolds from a camera view. The visuals are not just a backdrop but an integral part of the storytelling, providing the audience with a visual treat that complements the emotional depth of the narrative. This man’s use of light and framing can only be described as brilliant because it makes each visual scene so captivating.

Music in Thundu

However, Vishu Vijay’s music adds another layer to Thundu’s emotional journey. His compositions make these scenes more profound thereby enhancing their overall impact. Music becomes a character in itself guiding us through the ups and downs experienced by Constable Baby throughout his journey.

Collaboration between Riyas Shereef and Vishu Vijay therefore comes out as a congruous blend that produce such soulful sound track for this film.


The contribution of Naba Usman on the aspects of editing is thus crucial to maintaining the pace and ensuring that the story goes on smoothly. The film’s overall impact is also shaped by how well it has been trimmed and molded by the editor making it possible for audiences to lose themselves in Constable Baby’s world without distractions. Each moment, whether a comedic exchange or a poignant revelation, lands with precision because of seamless editing.

Theme of Thundu

“Thundu” promises more than just a cinematic experience as it unfolds. Constable Baby’s journey becomes an epitome capturing life – unexpected challenges, need for laughter, family bonds & acceptance. It is more than skin deep; asking us to ruminate on our own lives and connections.

Constable Baby’s pursuit of promotion—central theme of this movie—is a metaphor for every human being craving progress and recognition. The strength of human spirit during tough times is elaborated in this film through challenges faced by Baby who exhibits resilience qualities and humor as a way to overcome adversity.

This creates a narrative that is both thought-provoking and entertaining because light-hearted moments are juxtaposed with weightier aspects of life.

However, within all those dynamics there exists another application in which family matters seem like backdrop where constable baby seeks his way out through relationships complexities. This movie explains generational shifts among families where they are connected with each other while understanding develops with time.

Thundu appreciates familial love that recognizes that amidst inevitable conflicts it serves as an anchor against social forces that may arise against individuals. Another central theme in the film explores friendship as one of the themes and how it provides support and relief to constable baby.

On top of this, these friendships add warmth through characters’ comradeship that makes audience realize importance of companionship in negotiations challenges within their lives. Friendship according to this movie means loyalty, supportiveness and capability to find happiness between two people.

Furthermore, acceptance comes out strongly as the theme that runs through Constable Baby’s journey. The film encourages us to embrace life with all its faults and thus allow for personal differences as well. Through Constable Baby’s experiences, Thundu highlights the quiet beauty of accepting oneself and others alike, flaws included.


Thundu is a testimony to a team work by director Riyas Shereef and Biju Menon who stars in it. This movie goes beyond normal Malayalam drama; rather it is a tapestry of emotions, humor and meaningful reflections.

Thus when the last part ends the audience will not only have a cinematic memory but also an echo in their minds of what makes up life, challenges and joys plus acceptance for all times. It is more than just a movie; it’s an emotional quest that remains imprinted into hearts forever.



What is the release date of the Thundu movie?

Thundu movie is set to release in theatres on 16 February 2024.

Who directed the movie Thundu?

The movie has been directed by Riyas Shereef.

Who is in the cast of Thundu?

Biju Menon, Shine Tom Chacko, Johny Antony, Unnimaya Prasad, Unnimaya Prasad, Gokulan, Sajin Cherukayil

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