Since its release in 2024 on May 23rd, “Turbo,” directed by Vysakh, has been an action-comedy Malayalam film which is a big hit among the audience. It marks the third time Mammootty and Vysakh have worked together after “Pokkiri Raja” and “Madhura Raja”.

Under the banner of Mammootty Kampany, the movie was written by Midhun Manuel Thomas. This film is fresh and exciting.

Release Date23 May 2024
Star CastMammootty, Anjana Jayaprakash, Raj B. Shetty, Bindu Panicker, Shabareesh Varma, Dileesh Pothan, Sunil, Johny Antony, Amina Nijam
GenresAction, Comedy
MusicChristo Xavier
CinematographerVishnu Sarma
WriterMidhun Manuel Thomas
Production companyMammootty Kampany
turbo movie
turbo movie review


Turbo Jose’s character played by Indian film star Mammootty is one of his best performances ever as we see him portraying it with both captivating and nuanced styles that are rarely seen from him thus proving his versatility as an actor.

Kannada actor Raj B Shetty and Telugu actor Sunil made their debuts in Malayalam film industry through “Turbo”. They add unique flavors to the movie that makes it more diverse and interesting. While Raj B Shetty’s performance stands out for its intensity and authenticity, Sunil brings a lot of humor and charisma.

Supporting Roles

Among those who performed well include:

Anjana Jayaprakash: The role she plays adds complexity to the story line; her act shows deep interest.

Shabareesh Varma: With his dynamic energy, Shabareesh is capable of making his character multivalent, thus enhancing comedic aspects of the movie.

Dileesh Pothan: A seasoned actor cum director having gravitas added to this storyline thanks to Dileesh’s portrayal.

Bindu Panicker: Her role acts like a strong emotional pivot throughout the movie.

Niranjana Anoop: Niranjana delivers grace with depth that greatly contributes to plot development.

Director and Writer

Following the direction of Vysakh, this film is a perfect blend of action and comedy. His vision helps bring out the best in his casts as there are no dull moments in any of their scenes. On the other hand, Midhun Manuel Thomas’ writing has got a sharp wit to keep audiences engaged throughout.

Music and Cinematography

Thereby, Christo Xavier’s music composition adds vibrancy to this movie which compliments on-screen actions as well as emotions portrayed within it; thereby making the soundtrack memorable for each scene that is performed.

Vivid details of Chennai’s bustling streets are captured by Vishnu Sarma through cinematography. Additionally, he ensures that this city becomes one of the characters in the movie bringing more depth and authenticity into this story.

This is evident from the dynamic camera work applied as well as creative angles present which make audience visually involved.

Editing of Turbo

Shameer Muhammed edited it crisply with precision maintaining steady pacing for a film. His skilled cuttings serve to intensify narrative coherence thereby keeping viewers at tenterhooks until climaxing events happen.


“Turbo” traces Turbo Jose’s journey through life when his resilience is tested amid crowded streets of Chennai. So many challenges face Jose right after beginning until he embarks on an arduous mission filled with perilous obstacles and unexpected twists.

Release Date

The much awaited Turbo was released in theaters on May 23, 2024. This movie was highly appreciated by both critics and the audience because of its interesting storyline, great performance by actors and high production value.


It’s a blend of action and comedy that has made it impossible for critics not to notice this movie; indeed, they have not forgotten about performances by Mammootty and other supporting actors.

The direction, writing, as well as technical aspects also received accolades while many people focused on how entertaining it is besides its compelling story.

The fast-paced nature of “Turbo” endeared it to audiences who loved the chemistry amongst cast members. Comedy in the film along with action scenes was very popular such that many people wanted more showings.

Director Vysakh demonstrated his creativity through this movie “Turbo,” which shows what a Malayalam cast can do when given an opportunity. The movie combines gripping storylines, excellent acting from all involved parties, including top notch quality productions making it stand out among others in Mollywood.

Malayalam Cinema’s ‘“Turbo”,’ however maintains its consistency throughout Turbo Jose’s journey attracting the attention of viewers worldwide.



What is the release date of the movie Turbo?

Turbo movie was released in theatres on 23 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Turbo?

The movie has been directed by Vysakh.

Who is in the cast of Turbo?

Mammootty, Anjana Jayaprakash, Raj B. Shetty, Bindu Panicker, Shabareesh Varma, Dileesh Pothan, Sunil, Johny Antony, Amina Nijam,

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