Upendra Gadi Adda

Upendra Gadi Adda, an anticipated Telugu film produced by SSLS Creations – renowned for providing extraordinary cinematic experiences – marks their fifth venture. Led by producer Kancharla Atchutharao and directed by SK Aryan Subhan, the movie promises to make an indelible mark when it hits cinematic screens this fall.

Kancharla Upendra and Savitri Krishna take center stage in this cinematic endeavor with their standout performances, under the expert tutelage of director SK Aryan Subhan, to deliver not only visual delights but also an unrivalled package of entertainment to audiences everywhere.

Upendra Gadi Adda movie


MovieUpendra Gadi Adda
Release Date1 December 2023
Star CastSavithri Krishna, Kireeti Damaraju, Muralidhar Goud, Prabhavati Varma, Sandhya Janak
GenresAction, Drama, Romantic
DirectorAryan Subhan Shaik
ProducerKancharla Atchuta Rao
MusicRamu Addanki
Production companySSLS Creation
Upendra Gadi Adda movie release date

Upendra Gadi Adda Movie Story

An additional source of excitement lies within the creation of a lively song entitled ‘Pokiri Julailu,’ currently under production. This musical masterpiece promises an electrifying visual extravaganza when featuring all 120 dancers who promise an immersive viewing experience for audience members. Dedication to creating unforgettable cinematic experiences is evident; Upendra Gadi Adda promises its debut release date of November 2023 as one sure to stay in their memory forever.

SSLS Creations’ reputation of producing cinematic marvels stands them in good stead to redefine Telugu cinema with this movie. Producer Kancharla Atchutharao and director SK Aryan Subhan’s collaboration demonstrates their dedication to excellence, while the lead roles being occupied by Kancharla Upendra and Savitri Krishna add further anticipation for audiences.


Fans and cinephiles alike eagerly anticipate December 1, 2023’s release date of “Upendra Gadi Adda.” With its captivating storyline, powerful performances by its cast, and stunning visuals courtesy of Pokiri Julailu’s grandiosity, this film promises not only to meet expectations but exceed them, leaving an indelible mark on Telugu cinema and setting new entertainment standards in Telugu cinema. Get ready for an experience that transcends boundaries while setting new standards of enjoyment!



What is the release date of the Upendra Gadi Adda?

Upendra Gadi Adda movie is scheduled to release in theatres on 1 December 2023. This is an tentative Date.

Who directed the movie Upendra Gadi Adda?

The movie has been directed by Aryan Subhan Shaik.

Who is in the cast of Upendra Gadi Adda?

Savithri Krishna, Kireeti Damaraju, Muralidhar Goud, Prabhavati Varma, Sandhya Janak

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