Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare

Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare is a Kannada film that delves into the intricate dynamics between modern technology and young minds. Directed by Arun Amuktha, this movie presents a compelling narrative featuring Chandan Shetty in the lead role.

The film also stars a talented ensemble cast including Manoj Vivan, Amar, Bhavana Appu, Manasvi Maanu, Bhavya, Aravind Rao, Sunil Puranik and Cockroach Sudhir who bring depth and diversity to the storyline.

The musical score by Vijeth Krishna and the cinematography by Kumar Gowda further enriching the cinematic experience. Produced by Subramanya Kukke and Shivalinge Gowda; “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” explores the profound effects of technological gadgets on children highlighting both positive and negative impacts.

MovieVidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare
Release Date19 July 2024
Star CastChandan Shetty, Manoj Vivan, Amarendran Manivannan, Manasvi Manu, Bhavana Appu, Bhavya, Aravind Rao, Sunil Puranik, Cockroach Sudhir
DirectorArun Amuktha
ProducerSubramanya Kukke, A. C. Shivalinge Gowda
CinematographerKumar Gowda
MusicVijetha Krishna
EditorPavan Raju Gowda
Production companyVariety Creations
Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare movie
Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare movie review


The core of “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” revolves around relationship between children and technology. In today’s world gadgets like smartphones, tablets and computers have become ubiquitous with often being significant in children’s lives.

The film shows how they affect behavior among young people as well as their learning process thus influences social interactions. It gives us an insight on why technology could be both a blessing or curse hence changing more than one aspect about lives of future generations.

Cast and Performances

Chandan Shetty takes on the main lead role bringing out his unique charm in acting. Expectedly resonating with audience due to his versatility and engaging screen presence during portrayal.

Manoj Vivan, Amar ,Bhavana Appu , Manasvi Maanu , Bhavya , Aravind Rao , Sunil Puranik not forgetting Cockroach Sudhir play supporting roles . Every single one of them adds so much more complexity into this movie making it real from different angles which comes through in their performances thus expect to have a holistic view of the effect of technology on children

Direction of Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare

Arun Amuktha who is known for his attention to detail and stories that resonate with people’s hearts is directing this movie. In the film, Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare, Amuktha seeks to create an intellectually engaging movie, not just entertaining but one that makes people consider how much technology truly affects every aspect of our lives.

His idea and storytelling techniques will bring out the best in terms of cast and narrative thereby making it a memorable film.

Musical Score

Music plays an important role in deepening the emotions expressed in a film. Vijeth Krishna who composed music for “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” has made sure that his sound track synchronizes with the theme of the play and its emotions.

The intention behind his tunes is they should elicit appropriate responses which allow one to better perceive what the story tells us about . Music here acts as a medium between the viewer and story thus increasing immersion while watching.


Kumar Gowda’s cinematography gives “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” a visual appeal. His ability to capture scenes’ essences along with minor characters’ emotions adds another dimension to it.

This cinematics do more than follow plotline: they animate directorial concept, showing breathtaking images full of meaning.


Producers Subramanya Kukke and Shivalinge Gowda have played an important role in the making of “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare”. They dedicated themselves to the project, enabling them to support the director’s vision in developing the film.

It is anticipated that it will be a high-production valued film, aimed at telling a captivating story and meeting technical requirements of cinema today.



In general, “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” is a mind-boggling movie that deals with an issue of current interest and concern in the society. It presents a complex perspective on how technology affects children through its captivating storyline, outstanding performances and knowledgeable direction.

The film ends up suggesting a viewpoint for its audience to take stock of their own use of technology as well as consider its implications on younger people’s lives. The film’s underlying thesis is that technology must be approached in moderation so that it can be used as means for growth rather than hindrance.

In other words, “Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare” is not just a movie but also an analysis about the situation we find ourselves in today as parents, teachers or any person who genuinely care about our children’s future in this digital era.


What is the release date of the Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare?

Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare movie was released in theatres on 19 July 2024.

Who directed the movie Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare?

The movie has been directed by Arun Amuktha.

Who is in the cast of Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare?

Chandan Shetty, Manoj Vivan, Amarendran Manivannan, Manasvi Manu, Bhavana Appu, Bhavya, Aravind Rao, Sunil Puranik, Cockroach Sudhir

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