Santhosh Anandram, a famous film director, has directed the romantic action entertainer “Yuva” which marks the debut of Yuva Rajkumar with Sapthami Gowda as the lead actors. This film is set against the backdrop of an engineering college that involves romance, actions and drama thus symbolizing youthful energy and complex campus life.

The Kannada industry can anticipate a huge impact from this film, mainly because there is good casting as well as experienced production team.

Release Date29 March 2024
Star CastYuva Rajkumar, Sapthami Gowda, Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani, Kishore Kumar G.
GenresAction, Drama
DirectorSanthosh Anandram
ProducerVijay Kiragandur
MusicB. Ajaneesh Loknath
CinematographerShreesha Kuduvalli
EditorAshik Kusugolli
WriterSanthosh Ananddram
Production companieyHombale Films
yuva movie
yuva movie review


At its core, “Yuva” tells an engaging story about gang wars within an engineering college thus becoming a microcosm for bigger societal issues. Yuva finds himself caught up in escalating hostilities amongst his hostel-mates.

It deals with topics like trustworthiness and bravery, even when one stands alone on behalf of his friends against all odds.


The protagonist is played by ‘Y Rajkumar’ in his first movie role who is both compassionate and strong willed. Sapthami Gowda’s character adds depth to the story line by giving it that romantic touch breaking away from the action packed script.

This is complimented by a supporting cast that includes veterans like Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani, Kishore among others promoting dynamic interaction between characters and enriching the storyline through seasoned performances.

Technical Expertise

The technical aspects of this film make for an enhanced cinematic experience. B.Ajaneesh Loknath’s music not only emotes but also provides powerful soundtracks to match high octane action scenes throughout this film.

Shreesha Kuduvalli’s cinematography vividly captures life on campus as well as thrilling combat moments while Ashik Kusugolli’s editing keeps things moving smoothly between scenes for uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Production and Anticipation

“Yuva” is produced under Hombale Films banner by Vijay Kiragandur, which is widely recognized for quality productions and this ensures that the film will have high production values and a wide reach in terms of promotional campaigns.

The summer 2024 release of this film is eagerly awaited by fans who are expecting a mix of action thrill with the spices of romance.


“Yuva” marks a turning point in Kannada cinema as it refreshes romantic action genre with innovation. It is expected that this movie will grasp audiences’ attention due to its interesting story, dynamic personages, and technical mastery.

Upon its release, the movie has more than just entertainment since it draws upon friendship, loyalty, and the spirit of standing up for what is right even when things are at their worst.



What is the release date of the Yuva movie?

Yuva movie is set to release in theatres on 29 March 2024.

Who directed the movie Yuva?

The movie has been directed by Santhosh Anandram.

Who is in the cast of Yuva?

Yuva Rajkumar, Sapthami Gowda, Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani, Kishore Kumar G.

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