Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life

Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life is an emotional version of Blessy’s Malayalam film. It describes the journey of Najeeb, a malayalee laborer played by Prithviraj Sukumaran, who gets into a modern day slavery in Saudi Arabia.

Benyamin wrote a book on this narrative in 2008 and the movie is expected to be an interesting investigation into endurance, oppression and survival against all odds.

The feature stars Amala Paul and Jimmy Jean-Louis among others coupled with excellent directing and haunting music by A.R. Rahman makes “Aadujeevitham” very engaging.

MovieAadujeevitham – The Goat Life
LanguageMalayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi
Release Date28 March 2024
Star CastPrithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul
GenresAdventure, Drama
ProducerBlessy, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Steven Adams
MusicA. R. Rahman
CinematographerSunil K. S.
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
Production companiesVisual Romance Image Makers, Jet Media Production, Alta Global Media
Distributed byPrithviraj Productions (Malayalam), Red Giant Movies (Tamil), Mythri Movie Makers (Telugu), Hombale Films (Kannada), AA Films (Hindi)
Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life movie
Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life movie review

The Director and Producers in Aadujeevitham (The Goat Life)

This story was made come alive through the efforts made by Blessy as the director casting producers like K.G Abraham, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Steven Adams. In their entirety, they maintain that Benjamin’s best selling novel has been adapted faithfully for camera thereby capturing Najeeb’s raw emotions as well as his travails.


Prithviraj Sukumaran will have the main role with Amala Paul having another significant role in her career which seems fit for audiences worldwide. Other characters include Jimmy Jean-Louis, Sobha Mohan, Akef Najem whose presentations give an extra dimension to the plotline.

Soundtracks and Cinematography

The soul touch compositions from A.R. Rahman blends well with the narrative line thus stirring up different feelings making it more than just watching other films but a rather deep experience about it.

Also, cinematography done by K.U Mohanan who previously worked in Bollywood gives an enticing outlook for storytelling revealing both beauty with which it has to do with starkness in Najeeb’s life.

To make things even worse for him during his hard times are his friends’ intervention being well coordinated so that everything moves swiftly throughout his long trip filled with tough moments.


The basic struggle for life that exist at the center of “goat days” is his journey of survival. Najeeb goes to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of a better existence but ends up as just another victim of cruelty and exploitation.

Dehumanized by being made a shepherd, his life becomes defined by hard labor, terrible living conditions and lack of connection with the earlier hopes he had.

The whole world knows how ordinary migrant workers’ dreams are crushed down by exploitations and suppressions that we face daily. In this way, audience will see how modern slavery destroys human lives making them mere goods in hands of oppressors through eyes of Najeeb.


“Aadujeevitham” also reminds the world about the global need for addressing challenges facing migrant laborers alongside combating modern day slavery. By doing so, it brings awareness thereby provoking discussions on what needs to be done towards seeking justice, peace, dignity among others.

“Aadujeevitham” is a deeply human story with superb performances that will make the viewers to reflect on their own lives and also develop empathy towards millions who are suffering in this world. It is a grim reminder of how man can rise above his challenges.

Trailers of Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life


What is the release date of the Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life movie?

Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life movie is set to release in theatres on 28 March 2024.

Who directed the movie Aadujeevitham?

The movie has been directed by Blessy.

Who is in the cast of Aadujeevitham?

Prithviraj Sukumaran and Amala Paul are in the lead roles in this film.

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