Maya Bazaar For Sale

Maya Bazaar For Sale is a new Telugu web series directed by Gautami Challagulla. It is a thrilling Telugu web series. This series is popular for its entertaining and simple storylines. It provides an enjoyable watching experience for anyone.

Maya Bazaar For Sale web series has been released on 14 July 2023. The original episodes are only available on Zee 5 OTT. So you can access all the episodes of the series using Zee5 website or app.

Maya Bazaar For Sale features an impressive cast including VK Naresh. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Navdeep, Eesha Rabba, Ravi Krishna, Jhansi, Sunaina, Srinu. Each actor has a key role in the captivating narrative created by Gautami Challagulla. She is both the writer and the director of the series.

Maya Bazaar For Sale has been produced by Rana Daggubati, Pranav Pingle and Rajeev Ranjan under the banner of Spirit Media in collaboration with Mirage Media. It demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and creativity. Jerry Silvester Vincent’s music and background score create an engaging environment in the story.

Naveen Yadav is the cinematographer in this series. He had beautifully captured the all the visuals. Raviteja Girijala is the editor of the film. It ensures that the viewing experience will be smooth and full of fun.

Maya Bazaar For Sale మాయాబజార్ ఫర్ సేల్ release date

Maya Bazaar For Sale


Cast: VK Naresh. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Navdeep, Eesha Rabba, Ravi Krishna, Jhansi, Sunaina, Srinu

Director: Gautami Challagulla


Web SeriesMaya Bazaar For Sale
Release Date14 July, 2023
Star CastVK Naresh. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Navdeep, Eesha Rabba, Ravi Krishna, Jhansi, Sunaina, Srinu
DirectorGautami Challagulla
ProducersRana Daggubati, Pranav Pingle, Rajeev Ranjan
Executive producersSanjiv Chakravarthy, Pingle Pranav Reddy
CinematographerNaveen Yadav
MusicJerry Silvester Vincent
EditorRaviteja Girijala
Story byGautami Challagulla, Swetha Manchiraju, Haribabu Dasari
Production companiesSpirit Media, Mirage Media
OTT PlatformZEE5
Maya Bazaar For Sale మాయాబజార్ ఫర్ సేల్


This TV show revolves around the story of a group. The group is living in a safe and secure area in Hyderabad called Maya Bazaar. Padmanabhasastry (also known as Pastry) and his family settle into their new home in this area. Abhijeet is another important resident of Maya Bazaar. He is a well-known actor. He also works as brand ambassador for Maya Bazaar.

Pastry invited Abhijeet to his house. He is excited about his new house. One day the celebrity died suddenly. The circumstances of his death are mysterious. Residents of Maya Bazaar were left shocked and confused by this terrible incident.

The TV show explores themes such as community, trust and perseverance. Residents of Maya Bazar come to work together and support each other during these difficult times. It explores the complexities of the residents’ lives and relationships. It helps to shed light on their human feelings.

Maya Bazaar For Sale Web Series Review

The episode that features Sunaina is a true masterpiece of comedy. She leaves viewers laughing. Sunaina delivered an outstanding performance that deserves a lot of respect. In her role as a housewife, she portrayed the personality of the character perfectly. Her portrayal of frustration and fury was brilliant.

It generates a lot of laughter and enjoyment from the audience. You can feel the excellent comedic timing and humor from Sunaina. Naresh presented his remarkable skills by delivering a commendable performance. His consistent talent and ability to bring life to his characters added interest to the episode.

Meiyang Chang also presented a powerful performance. You can watch his beautiful performance specially in emotional scenes. His portrayal is filled with authenticity and sincerity. He contributed significantly to the overall impression of the episode.

Eesha Rebba portrayed her role with finesse. Jhansi, Aditi Myakal, and Raja Chembolu also offered decent performances that made the episode more interesting.



What is the release date of the Maya Bazaar For Sale Web Series?

Maya Bazaar For Sale web series is set to release in theaters on 14 July 2023.

Who directed the web series Maya Bazaar For Sale?

The web series has been directed by Gautami Challagulla.

Who is in the cast of Maya Bazaar For Sale?

VK Naresh. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Navdeep, Eesha Rabba, Ravi Krishna, Jhansi, Sunaina, Srinu

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