Kotabommali PS

Kotabommali PS is a captivating action drama film created under the skilled direction of Teja Marni and released on November 24, 2023. Starring Meka Srikanth, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar as its leads – creating a powerhouse cast which contributes to its overall intensity.

Supporting cast members also bring their best performances, collectively heightening the overall impact of the film. Pre-climax and climax sequences become notable highlights, demonstrating its ability to sustain tension while captivating its audience.

Srikanth Meka’s portrayal of Rama Krishna was superb. His adept performance captured the essence of both a responsible police officer and loving father effortlessly, while Varalaxmi Sarathkumar skillfully navigated her role as an investigation officer to add depth to the plotline.

Murali Sharma made an impressionful presence as an unscrupulous politician, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar made meaningful contributions that brought this production full circle.

Kotabommali PS movie


MovieKotabommali PS
Release Date24 November 2023
Star CastMeka Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekhar, Murali Sharma
GenresCrime, Political, Thriller
DirectorTeja Marni
ProducerBunny Vas, Vidya Koppineedi
CinematographerJagadeesh Cheekati
MusicRanjin Raj, Midhun Mukundan
EditorKarthika Srinivas
Production companyGA2 Pictures
Kotabommali PS movie review

Kotabommali PS Story / Plot

The plot follows Rama Krishna (played by Srikanth Meka), an experienced police officer stationed at Kotabommali Police Station alongside new recruits Ravi Kumar (Rahul Vijay) and Kumari (Shivani Rajashekar).

Murali Sharma brings his trademark charm and suspenseful storytelling to this exciting drama about Home Minister Barisela Jayaraj (Murali Sharma) as she enters politics through caste politics in her region.

An unexpected incident threatens Jayaraj’s electoral success if it goes ahead; to learn the full extent of what’s at stake here – her actions, responses of law enforcement personnel and eventual resolution, you need to see this film.

Kotabommali PS Review

Midhun Mukundan’s musical score beautifully complements the narrative by intensifying emotional beats and increasing key moments while cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati and editing by Karthika Srinivas R contribute to its visual aesthetics.

Notably, Kota bommali PS draws heavily upon Malayalam film “Nayattu,” adding an intriguing layer to its narrative. Additionally, dialogues crafted by the writing department add significantly to this storytelling experience, enhancing character interactions and expanding upon themes of exploration.

Overall, “Kotabommali P.S” delivers a thoroughly enjoyable cinematic experience, featuring stellar performances by its cast as well as gripping plotlines with technical finesse that results in an unforgettable action drama experience produced under GA2 Pictures banner by Bunny Vas and Vidya Koppineedi; thus representing an incredible collective effort within Indian cinematic circles.



What is the release date of the Kotabommali PS Movie?

Kotabommali PS movie was released in theaters on 24 November 2023.

Who directed the movie Kotabommali PS?

The movie has been directed by Teja Marni.

Who is in the cast of Kotabommali PS?

Meka Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekhar, Murali Sharma

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