Prasanna Vadanam

Prasanna Vadanam directed by Arjun Y K, is a Telugu suspense thriller that combines psychological drama with mystery. It has been said that this film stars an ensemble cast led by one of a kind neurologically challenged protagonist and features an interesting story line.

The sections below discuss various aspects of the movie such as its plot, characters, production values and impact on viewership.

MoviePrasanna Vadanam
Release Date3 May 2024
Star CastSuhas Pagolu, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Viva Harsha
GenresDrama, Thriller
DirectorArjun Y K
ProducerManikanta J S, Reddy Prasad T R
MusicVijay Bulganin
CinematographerS Chandrasekaran
WriterArjun Y K
Production companyLittle Thoughts Cinemas
Prasanna Vadanam movie
Prasanna Vadanam movie review

Plot Summary

The main storyline for “Prasanna Vadanam” centers around Surya (played by Suhas) who works as Radio Jockey having Prosopagnosia or face blindness which means he cannot recognize any person’s face including his close friends’ or relatives’.

Surya along with his girlfriend Aadhya (Payal Radhakrishna) and best friend Vignesh (Harsha Chemudu) battle through everyday life while engaging themselves into new thrilling radio play that stretch their abilities to limits.

Character Breakdowns

Surya (Suhas)

Suhas plays the character of Surya who battles hard against face blindess in very convincing ways bringing out all emotions tied up with it not just physical limitations but also mental struggles as well.

This makes people easily relate with him because they can see themselves going through similar situations if faced by such challenges.

Aadhya (Payal Radhakrishna)

Aadhya acts as more than love interest for surya; she becomes his rock supporting him emotionally whenever things become tough due her understanding nature about what he is suffering from.

Hence helping him cope better with life complexities brought about this condition also being portrayed sensitively enough.

which adds necessary depth required here making payal’s role significant part played within surya’s journey towards healing himself mentally or psychologically speaking altogether.

Vignesh (Harsha Chemudu)

Vignesh played by Harsha Chemudu brings comic relief throughout entire film serving also friendship role towards surya at same time ensuring that funny moments do not overshadow overall seriousness attached to the plot line itself.

Antagonist (Rashi Singh)

Rashi singh takes up on a challenging role where she acts as villain in this particular movie thereby making her performance crucial especially when it comes down towards keeping audiences entertained through creating suspense around what could be next move for such character involved here so far everything has been done perfectly well.


The shots taken by S.Chandrasekaran have been able to capture emotions rightly within “Prasanna Vadanam” thus making them one of standout features used during production process while at same time utilizing different angles plus lighting techniques aimed at enhancing narrative elements behind each scene itself.

For instance, those scenes dealing with surya’s condition are handled in visually interesting ways that allow viewers understand better how complicated his perceptions can get considering he cannot see any person’s face apart from own hence suffering from prosopagnosia.

Music and Sound Design

Vijay bulganin’s musical score contributes a lot when building up suspense levels together with thriller nature associated with movie which cannot be overemphasized since it helps much more especially during those parts where unexpected twists happen or even thrilling sequences take place within second half of film.



Prasanna Vadanam is not just a suspense thriller it’s much more than that. It’s an insight into the human mind and different neurological disorders. The movie is unique because of its storytelling technique, strong acting skills by the cast and great production values.

Arjun Y K has done a great job with his team which provides for an entertaining yet thought-provoking film. Not only does this movie entertain but also informs thus making it a worthy addition in Indian cinema history books.


What is the release date of the Prasanna Vadanam movie?

Prasanna Vadanam movie has been released in theatres on 3 May 2024.

Who directed the movie Prasanna Vadanam?

The movie has been directed by Arjun Y K.

Who is in the cast of Prasanna Vadanam?

Suhas Pagolu, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Viva Harsha

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